I’ve needed a new pair of cycling shoes for a while. My old pair was several years old and had seen better days. They were truly a ‘beginners’ pair of cycling shoes as the outer sole was plastic, they weren’t stiff, and only had velcro as the closure system. So, as part of my ongoing bicycle fit I’m doing with @Victor at Bicycle Lab, I went ahead and bought a new pair of shoes.

Diadora Speedracer Carbon R Specifications

The Speedracer features a synthetic upper and a three closure system. The two lower closures are velcro while the top one is a four position micro-metric buckle. The upper is bonded to a stretch resistant outer cage for added support. It features a dual sole that has a carbon spine inside a fiberglass outer sole for stiffness. The shoe has full SPD and Look-type (three bolt) compatibility and is well ventilated with over 15 vent holes per shoe.

First Impression

I picked these cycling shoes up at a local bicycle store and had the opportunity to try them on before buying. I read some online reviews that indicated they ran a little small in size and I found that to be the case as I went with a size 45. They come with their own removable insole but I pulled them out so I could use my own. I have wide feet but found the fit to be very good.

They are stiff. I knew I was losing a lot of power in my old shoes as they were almost as flimsy as a fish. There is no give in the Speedracer Carbon R and you’d expect that from the Number 2 shoe in the Diadora lineup (the pro-level ProRacer 2.0 shoe is their flagship road cycling shoe).

I’ve ridden in them several times now and really like’em. As I get more rides in I’ll keep notes and write a full review at a later date.

Check out the full line of men’s and women’s Diadora road cycling shoes at Real Cyclist.

Diadora Speedracer Carbon R Cleats

Diadora Speedracer Carbon R Shoes