Well, after spending 15 months working in Dallas, Tx while my family was in Florida, I can now officially say that I’m going home.

This has been in the works for about three months but it wasn’t until today that I received an offer for employment that’s going to take me back to Florida and my family.

I’d like to thank all my readers who have lent their support and words of encouragement over these past 15 months. It meant a lot.

I’ll miss the cycling here in Dallas because I really enjoyed my time riding around White Rock Lake. It’s a jewel in this city and I don’t think enough people realize that. One thing I won’t miss is the hills. I know they’re an important part of cycling, and they helped in my training last year, but I can’t say that I’ll miss them that much. I’ll have to really turn up my flatland workouts in Florida in order to get even a portion of the training benefits that the hills provided me here. I’ll deal with it though.

Over the next two weeks I’ll continue to ride here in Dallas. I’m sure I’ll miss a few days in the saddle before I leave and upon my return to Florida but the training will continue in my old stomping grounds. In fact, look for a post from me next week where we’ll discuss the idea of a virtual cycling group to train for a century ride.

Again, thanks for everything.

Cliff, we’ll need to make plans to get your trainer back to you at some point before I leave. I really appreciate you letting me borrow it.

Now I really need to find a bike rack.

Image courtesy of taberandrew.