I apologize for not writing recently but I’ve just lacked the motivation to do so. I’m finding it very hard to get back on the bike with everything that’s gone on. I had a good ride a month ago with Cliff when we rode the White Rock Trail but haven’t ridden since. I attribute that to a couple of factors.

First, like I said earlier, I’ve just lacked the motivation. I think this is a direct result of everything that’s transpired over the past six months. I think things are starting to settle down some but it’s still not a walk in the park with me living 1100 miles from my family.

Second, I think my vision for Biking To Live was getting in the way. I had big plans for this blog but the past six months have put a huge damper on them. Over the past couple of months I think those plans, and the blogs theme, actually kept me from posting and riding more often.

I’ve been thinking pretty hard the past couple of weeks about what I should do with this blog. The reason I created it is still valid – I need to lose weight. I think my other plans (and unfortunate life events) let me lose sight of the reason I started it. It’s time I returned to the basics.

With that said, I’m returning this blog to its original roots as a simple place for me to chronicle my rides and pontificate a little on the world of cycling. With this resurrection, the theme is reverting to something simpler that’s easier for me to update. I haven’t settled on a theme yet so you may see it change from day-to-day. Please bear with me.

I did take my rear-wheel to get it repaired this week. I had a bent spoke replaced and the wheel trued and I picked it up yesterday. I still need to find a good riding route where I’m living now. There’s much more traffic here in Dallas but I think I can still find some areas where I can leave the house on the bike for a ride and not worry too much about getting hit. I need to take the plunge and join a group to ride with. I’ve looked around but keep putting it off. Not sure why. I think I’m nervous about riding with others.

That’s it for now. Take care.