Last night my youngest daughter had an audition at one of the local magnet schools that specializes in the arts. She was more than ready to get it over with as she had been practing a lot. We had to be there no later than 6 PM so we arrived early (“If you can’t be on time, be early” is my motto) and I’m glad we did. There must have been 500 kids there auditioning for spots in programs like visual arts, band, voice, creative writing, and dance. The theater was jammed with kids and parents. Little did I know that I would be pushed to my physical limits.

The school officials promptly called the kids back to the testing rooms at 6 PM. Parents weren’t allowed to leave the theater. It was filled to capacity with parents, siblings of kids auditioning, and it was hot. I told my wife I would stay and bring our daughter home so she could head home to do stuff she needed to do. That may have been an error in judgement.

There was tiered seating along the walls but it was all full with parents who had gotten there real early. All that was left was the folding chairs that were setup in rows on the floor. Without much choice, I promptly sat down a few minutes after 6 and settled in for what would hopefully be a short wait. That was wishful thinking.

Saddle Comfort Does Not Equal Folding Chair Comfort

As cyclists, we have to get out butts conditioned to being in the saddle. Things like bike fit, chamois pads, chamois cream, and different types of saddles all help us with our comfort while riding but nothing toughens up your derrier like time in the saddle. And if you’ve been off the bike for a long time, you may have to take it slow at first until you whip your rear into shape.

I’ve been riding on and off for years. I’ve had breaks in my riding and always had to take it slow until the trunk was ready for more. I’ve been riding good for the past week or so with no issues. My butt was tough. Or so I thought.

The Wait

After an hour I saw one or two kids come back from their auditions. The school officials said they would trickle back in like that. My daugher wasn’t one of them. I guess I couldn’t get that lucky. I settled back into reading a book on my Kindle (which is awesome by the way).

1.5 hours goes by and I can start to feel a little discomfort down there. Are you serious? Maybe I just needed to change position so I did. Kinda like standing up for a stretch on the bike.

folding chair

The Devil

2 hours goes by and I’m now starting to curse the chair, the school, and the organizers. What were they thinking locking us all in this room, turning on the heat, and making us sit on these torture devices? Seriously, I would have been better off bringing my bike and sitting on it. My saddle is a lot more comfortable than that chair was.

2.5 hours goes by and I start to see more kids coming back from auditons. Some of them are carrying their art portolios so that may mean my daughters blessed arrival may be immenent. Not yet.

At the 2.75 hour mark I finally see my daughter and a wave of euphoria washes over me as I realize I can now escape. My butt was numb and hurt so bad I was seriously having second thoughts about riding this morning.

This Mornings Ride

I woke up and my thoughts immediately went to my butt. My wife might tell you my thoughts are always in my butt because that’s where my brain resides. But you know what I mean. It actually felt pretty good and it wasn’t raining (it was in the forecast) so I rolled out and got ready to ride.

What a difference 24 hours makes. Yesterday when I headed out the temp was 32F. This morning it was a nice 52F. Not balmy but nice. Very little wind too. Not quite warm enough to go with just bibs and a jersey so I wore my Shiverswear and jacket.

A few sprinkles fell on me near the beginning of the ride but it wasn’t much and didn’t last long. I tweaked my route again and got it fine tuned for a 1 hour ride with no weird diversions to add time. The temp was warm enough that I had to unzip the jacket partially to cool off some near the end of the ride. Can’t wait until I don’t need the jacket anymore.

Today’s numbers: 1h:00m:09s, 13.56 miles, 13.5 mph avg