This evening I was able to look at and ride the Specialized Allez Elite I talked about yesterday. The guy was kind enough to bring it to me because I didn’t have a bike rack to bring it back home in the event I did buy it. He even cleaned it up some before bringing it over.

He was selling it because his girlfriend basically said he has too many bikes (four) and needed to get rid of one. I jokingly told him he should get used to those kinds of demands if he intends to marry the chick. He hadn’t even listed it on Craigslist yet but saw the ad I posted a couple of days ago describing what I was looking for in a bike.

You all saw the pics in my bicycle comparison chart post but let me fill you in on the components. It’s an Allez Elite Double with a 53/39 crankset and 9 speed 12-26 cogs. The front derailleur is Tiagra while the rear is 105. The shifters are Tiagra STI. It’s also got the Zertz inserts in the carbon fork and seatpost along with carbon seat stays.

Overall I was very impressed with the bike when I rode it. It’s a huge difference from my Cannondale. It was quick on the pickup and braking. Shifting was awesome. I admit it. I was in love.

So, once I get it totally cleaned up I’ll take some more pics of it to post.

Thanks to everyone who listened to me moan and bellyache over the last few months about not having a bike. No excuses now.