It’s supposed to rain pretty bad this afternoon so I headed on out to White Rock Lake to get in a couple of loops before the bad weather. It was already overcast but the sun did peek out now and then. I think the clouds and threat of rain kept most people in this morning because there wasn’t as many folks out as usual.

My ride itself was pretty uneventful except that I felt like I had a harder workout today than I did yesterday even though my average speed was about a half mile an hour slower at 14.3 mph. It could have been because of the wind which was pretty bad in spots. It could have been me really trying to attack the one or two hills on the loop. Attack, for me, may be the wrong word but I just tried to get up them as quickly as possible. One in particular had me gasping the second time up. I need that kind of stuff though. It also could have been me being tired from yesterday or perhaps a little of all three.

Ferrari Testarossa
Image by http2007 via Flickr

Remember the Free Advice Guy I talked about before? After looking at my blog statistics I noticed that people were searching the Internet for who this guy was. Turns out it’s two guys and they’ve been doing it for eight years. I found out some more information over on the White Rock Lake FAQ page. Check it out.

OK, I know you all are wondering how a guy the size of a dump truck passed a Ferrari. Easy, the Ferrari was sitting still. You didn’t actually think I could pass it while it was moving did you? Seriously, out at the lake today they had a UK and European Car Show going on and they had all kinds of new and old cars and motorcycles. Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, MG’s, Mini’s, and Triumph’s were just what I could identify. There were many more. I had my eye on a yellow Ferrari Testarossa that was sweet.