This Monday London Cyclist posted a list of the Top 50 Cycling Blogs for 2010. I was totally shocked to see Biking To Live on that list. I’m very honored to have my blog included because there are some heavy-hitters on there – BikeSnobNYC, Fat Cyclist, Bike 198, Cycling Tips, and many others. To even be mentioned around those other blogs is awesome.

Two Year Anniversary

The timing is kinda cool too. Because I’ve been wrapped up with many other things (working on finding employment back in Florida), getting my mom moved to Arkansas, and various other things, I totally missed the Biking To Live two-year anniversary back on April 10 (the important anniversary I remember is my wedding date but I’ve forgotten that one too….once…long story). Can’t believe it’s been two years. More remarkable is that I can’t believe folks are still reading this blog after two years!

And that’s where I’m kinda leading this post. My readers. I appreciate you so much because if you weren’t here actively supporting me by leaving comments, helping others, or offering advice I’m not sure I’d still be blogging today. [pullquote]I certainly wouldn’t be on the list above without you.[/pullquote] I created this blog to help me but I’ve attempted to grow it so that it can help others as well. Especially those that are weight-challenged, like me, or those who are just starting out in this great sport of cycling. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from one of my readers who was looking to start riding. We talked about bicycles and stuff but it was a followup email that really struck home:

Your blog is another key in my plan, another source for me to connect and gain inspiration. Sometimes its just important to know there are other people having a similar experience, walking down the same road. Thanks again!!

It really makes me feel good to know that what I’m doing here can actually be a source of both information and inspiration to others.

So, to all my readers, thanks for putting up with my posts, my constant theme changes (I kinda like this one), lending advice when I ask for it, and just being there. I very much appreciate it.

I Won a Twitter Contest

A few months ago @weiland and I were discussing Twitter contests and how he had won stuff and I hadn’t. That changed today when I won a Bike Crave patch kit (I seriously hope that isn’t an indication of something to come) from Jeff Bean (@bikecrave) over at Bike Crave. Thanks Jeff! Let’s hope this is just a springboard to winning something with two wheels and made of carbon fiber. I can dream.

Image courtesy of tonythemisfit.