With tomorrow being 21-Apr that means I’m on the eve of the day I will begin to save my life through riding my bike. I’m excited but cautious. I’m ready to change but know it will be a long, hard road both on and off the bike.

I made final preparations today ensuring my bicycle checked out ok and that I had all my gear (helmet, gloves, water bottle, shoes) prepped and ready to go. I put my bike up on a makeshift work stand I had created using a bicycle trunk carrier and an old Black and Decker Workmate Bench I had. While on the stand I lubed the chain and pedals. Eventually I’m going to have to purchase a quality workstand in order to maintain my chariot of life.

My wife has readied for tomorrow by preparing a special detox drink that will help clean me out. After that I’ll be going on a strict diet to help shed these 100 extra pounds I’ve accumulated. Strict may be too harsh a word. Anything I do with regards to my diet is better than what I was doing.

Everything seems to be in order so I guess it’s time to turn in and get some sleep. This is another area of my life that will need dramatic improvement. My last few years in the military I became accustomed to surviving on anywhere from 2-4 hours of sleep a night. Sometimes more and sometimes less. You can only imagine what that does to your energy levels. Since leaving the service I’m probably averaging about 5.5 hours of sleep a night. That has got to change as well.

Ok, it’s off to bed now. I’ll see you on the other side.