Ok, a quick update here since I’ve neglected this blog for so long (not much to write about since I couldn’t ride). Anyway, I’m now officially in the search for a bike. I know I’ve been searching before but now I’m ready to pull the trigger if I find what I want.

I won’t be able to get exactly what I want (105 components) brand new but I’m happy with a used bike if I can find a good deal. I could buy new in the Sora component range (to get at least a 9-speed cassette) but am open to used bikes if I can find the right one. I had myself fitted on Sunday to verify exactly what size I need (52cm) so I know to shoot for that.

For some ready, the picking on Craigs List here in Dallas seem to be really slim (I’ve been watching it for months) and a bike my size, with what I want, is rare. I actually posted an ad today stating exactly what I want to see if that generates any sellers for me.

We’ll see how it goes.