Well, today brought another hill repeat day (my second) upon me. My plan was to repeat exactly what I did the last time I did repeats up Flagpole Hill and that’s what I did. I did manage to bring my sunglasses and computer this time and didn’t perform a 0 mph crash while trying to take off from a stop sign.

Thomson's Gazelle at Masai Mara, Kenya
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My first couple times up the hill went pretty good. Got passed by some dude going up it like a gazelle but that’s OK. Some day. In fact, I saw several people doing the hill today and a couple of runners. Even saw three ladies on horses on my recovery section.

The fourth and fifth trips up the hill were excruciating. I had wanted to add one trip up from last time but six was out of the question. I think my ride yesterday took a little too much out of me. It took every gear I had to make it up those last two times.

On a positive note, no animals were harmed in today’s ride.