How To Start Road Cycling [Again] Ebook

How To Start Road Cycling [Again] Ebook

As I told you all several weeks ago, I was going to write an Ebook to help new cyclists, or those returning to road cycling after a long layoff, get started in this great sport. I’ve finally completed it and am ready to release it. For free.

As you can tell by the title, it isn’t for the advanced, or even intermediate, road cyclist. It’s basic from the first page and filled with knowledge and tips that I wish I had known when I returned to cycling in 2008.

Will it answer every question? No. But I think it’ll help anyone looking for help in deciding where to buy a bike, find out what to carry in a seat bag, or learn what online tools are available for road cycling.

To get How To Start Road Cycling [Again] just click on the link below.


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  1. Well done, Bryan. I hope everyone downloads a copy of what you’ve put together. This is really impressive.


    • Thanks Darryl.

  2. Bryan

    This is a great guide for someone that is new to cycling.
    Great job!

    • Thanks Victor. That’s exactly who it’s supposed to be for.

  3. Very cool mate!



    • Thanks Clive.

  4. I have been riding steady for about 25 years, and am now doing doing about 5,000 miles a year. But that’s not important. What is important is that I remember when my wife bought me my first bike, as a birthday present, on the advise of a friend. I went out and bicycled around the neighborhood, and rode perhaps 5 miles out and 5 miles back at a slow speed — and went up the only hill in town — which I couldn’t quite get to the top of — and turned into a road almost near the top. I may be able to climb mountains now for 3 hours — but I will never forget my humble beginnings on my bike — an old steel Raleigh (which now sits in my mother’s garage in Florida for when I visit).

    • Douglas, thanks for stopping by and leaving an awesome comment.

      That’s a great story about how you started. Many riders started out on those steel Raleigh’s and prefer the steel frames to anything else.

      I also think you bring up a good point – we can’t start out riding 100 miles in a day or summiting 5000 foot climbs on day one of our road cycling journey. It takes time to build up the fitness and strength to put in rides like you do. Thanks for the reminder.

      If you’re ever in Jacksonville, FL drop me a line and we’ll get a ride in together.

  5. Some great information in the book. Very well written Bryan and very informative for the newcomers. I will make sure to send this info on to any newbies I run into. Good job.

    • Thanks for the feedback Tony. I appreciate it.

  6. Well done, Bryan. I would have liked to have this when i started riding. I am a penny-pincher, and the price is right(!). Some basic info on cycling techniques would be useful, I think.

    • Thanks Ray. I have some plans for future cycling manuals/ebooks and will definitely consider the cycling techniques. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. I’m a 22 year old college student and I purchased my first bike last week. I wanted to start using my bike to commute to school and as an aid to lose some weight this year. I read your book last week, and I took my first ride today. Your book was very helpful. My biggest comment is that I wished I had listened… I bought everything in your equipment “most have list,” except for the stocked seat bag and guess what happened as I rode my bike for the first time? Yes, I got a flat tire 2.5 miles from my house! On the up side, thanks to your book, I was able to put the tube back in place since a section was sticking out and when I got home, 55 minutes later, I was able to pin point where the leak originated from. The only thing I would add to your book is the importance of sunscreen.

    • Rocio, thanks so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

      It’s unfortunate that you had your first flat on your first ride but with it the first one out of the way it’ll be no sweat for you the next time it happens. Nice job in getting back home under your own power.

      The tip about sunscreen is really good and something I probably should have mentioned. Besides the obvious places (back of the neck and arms) you’ll get a lot of sun on your lower legs too.

      Also, congrats on starting riding. Keep us posted on how it’s going.

  8. Hi, I just started road cycling, I have my bike and helmet etc however the problem I am having is stop the bike and dismounting safely. That is stopping and putting my foot down safely. Yesterday I fell in the carpark because the bike tilted to the opposite side and my foot was still in the straps on that side of the bike and I could not get it out fast enough to prevent the fall. I use regular sneakers and I use my foot in the straps on one side because my foot usually slips off the pendals. Should I try taking the straps off both sides for safety? Or are there sneakers I can use as a beginner until I am well into my riding and invest in cycling shoes?



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