A couple of weeks ago I posted a group ride report that I did on Labor day. I wouldn’t have normally been able to participate in that ride due to work but with the holiday I took the opportunity to do it. What was really awesome was that the start point was only about 1.5 miles from my house so I could ride to/from the group ride. @331miles mentioned that it was great that I could “ride to the ride.” I agree but finding rides that are close enough to ride our bike to isn’t easy and I began to think about why people drive to their rides and wondered just how far people would drive to ride.

Car Bike Rack

PhotoC: Blacknell

Driving to ride our bike kinda seems backwards but I know lots of people do it for a number of reasons. They do it to participate in fund raising events, races, and even local group rides. Or maybe they drive to ride a particularly nice stretch of road or to get some training time in the mountains. Regardless of the reason, lots of folks drive to ride. Even if you want to participate in local group rides, chances are you probably won’t be able to ride your bike to the start/finish unless you’re lucky. When I was in Dallas I belonged to a group that really took the cake when it came to driving to the ride. They would setup Saturday rides that would routinely require a 50-75 mile drive (one-way) to the start/finish point. I liked the group, and the people in it, but I think that’s just crazy and I didn’t attend any of those rides. Back here in Florida there are plenty of local group rides going on in the area but all of them would require a significant drive to get there. Luckily I’ve got a decent bike rack for my car and can throw it on so I can drive to a local ride if I want to.

My questions to you are:

  1. How far will you drive to ride for a charity event or group ride?
  2. How far will you ride to participate in a group ride?

PhotoC: Blacknell