I’ll admit it. I know virtually nothing about nutrition. Unless you let me count the fact I know that the more I eat the bigger I get. Over the past week I’ve been trying to remedy this problem by reading quite a few articles on cycling nutrition and trying to develop some kind of plan to help me reduce my tonnage. Call it good timing but a couple of days ago I received in the mail the May 2009 issue of Bicycling. I read with interest the article on Big Fat Lies.

After reading this article I’m convinced my diet is totally wacked. Not skewed or slightly off-kilter but totally wacked. I’m pretty sure I’ve been eating the wrong kinds of carbs (high starch) for years and it’s probably a direct contributor to my current size. That and no self-motivation to take care of my body.

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I began my research by going over about 20 or 30 articles on Bicycling.com that dealt with nutrition. I copied down thumbrules I found as well as any good recipes. When I return to Dallas next week I’ll be using FitDay to track my daily food consumption in an effort to have a better balanced caloric intake.

As is usually the case, I’ve come up with more questions than answers and am going to post some here in an effort to generate some responses from some of the more experienced cyclists and nutritionists that read my blog (both of them….actually, they might be the same person which would be only them). Here goes:

    1. How closely do you monitor the exact portion sizes? My gut feeling is that if you want to be accurate you have to measure good.

    2. Do you prepare meals in advance? Tips would be awesome.

    3. Where do you get your recipes? Are there any good cookbooks for cyclists or that follow the article in Bicycling? I may look at the one they talk about in the article entitled Flat Belly Dietby Cynthia Sass.

    4. What balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are you shooting for?

    5. Do you have to take a supplement to make sure you get enough protein?

Over the years I tried to make light of my weight. I even had a saying that went like this, “I can’t stay fat and sloppy unless I eat.” How bad is that? I’m trying to make an effort to turn this around and would appreciate any info you can provide.