Thought I would take a few minutes and give everyone a little feedback on my riding and weight loss. I haven’t been updating you and feel that it’s something I should be doing more of. Plus it’ll get me into a habit of posting more since I am really sucking in that area. For this first feedback I’m going to start two weeks back and bring you up to speed through today.

Last Week On The Bike

It was a really good week for me both on and off the bike. I continued working through the 15-week interval training plan I’ve been following and haven’t had much problem with it so far. I did determine that I’m not riding as much as I need to (only getting about 65 miles per week in the saddle). I vowed to extend some of my weekday rides in order to up the mileage. Last Saturday’s group ride from the shop was awesome and one of my best yet. I managed to hang with the fast group for just over 13 miles hitting speeds up to 25 mph. I kept myself tucked away in the pack for that ride and didn’t do any pulls in order to conserve my strength. I’m not sure I could have hung with them for as long as I did if I had been out front pulling. Regardless, it was a great ride for me. I’ve got a post planned to pass along some info that has helped me stay with the faster group that you beginners might find interesting.

Last Week Off The Bike

I hit a low weight last week of 272 which was awesome. The last couple of weeks I’ve really started to see movement on the scale and that feels so good to see. How am I doing it? Strict adherence to my eating plan and hydration (and riding of course). I plan on writing more about my eating plan (I don’t like to use the word ‘diet’ because of the stigma associated with it) but I will tell you that with Kelli’s help I’ve cut out virtually all starches and sweets from my meals. My daily carbohydrate intake is hovering around 70 grams and is made up of good carbs from vegetables and fruits.

This Week On The Bike

As is common after a great week on the bike, this week was terrible. I woke up Monday morning with a horrible sinus headache that I still had when I went to bed that night. Just couldn’t shake it. As the week went on I could tell my body wasn’t feeling quite right. Everyday my alarm would go off at 5 AM so I could get up to ride but I was unable to do so. Yesterday morning was the worst but I began feeling better by the afternoon. I ended up not riding at all this week until this morning which is my easy spin day. I got up this morning and did a short 8 mile loop around the local college and felt pretty good. The weather was perfect too which helped. Tomorrow morning I’ll hit the shop ride again but I’m not too confident I’ll be able to hang. We’ll see.

This Week Off The Bike

I hit a new low weight of 271.5 on Tuesday but that was short-lived with me not getting any riding in. Even though I didn’t ride I tried staying on my eating and hydration plan as much as possible and did except for dinner on Tuesday. My mother-in-law called and wanted my wife and I to go with her to a dinner with some old schoolmates. You know you can’t turn stuff like that down so I had to go. Dinner wasn’t bad with chicken as my protein, okra, a bowl of mixed fruit, and a piece of pecan pie for desert. Not too bad but the pecan pie didn’t help. Even with all that I managed to keep my weight pretty much in check with me weighing 273.5 this morning. I’ll take that considering I got only 8 miles in on the bike.

All told, my weight is down about 15 pounds but I’ve got clothes that are literally falling off of me. I wore a pair of pants and a shirt last week that I may have to donate to Goodwill because they just looked too sloppy on me. Man that feels good.

PhotoC: tejvanphotos