Today marks the fourth anniversary of Biking to Live. It’s hard for me to believe that this blog actually made it this far before I pulled the plug. Lots of frustration and writer’s block have made me wonder about the merits of keeping this thing going. Every year the domain registration comes due at the beginning of April and I wonder if I should just let it expire. Every year I end up renewing it. Just like this year.

Why do I renew it? A couple of reasons actually. First, Biking to Live has become a resource to people out there looking to start road cycling or use it to lose weight. While content the last two years has been lacking, the first two years of the blog saw quite a few articles written that are still read every day by visitors. Second, it’s my personal log to help hold me accountable as I try and lose these extra 100 pounds I’m carrying around. After four years I’m still trying to lose this weight but I think without the support I’ve received from you I would have given up a long time ago.

Biking to Live continues to draw more visitors each year. The first year there were about 6000 of you. The second about 15000. The third around 26000 and this past year over 50000 visitors. Almost doubling the traffic each year which is awesome. The first three months of 2012 has seen a big increase in traffic with over 18000 visitors. I find those numbers hard to believe considering how infrequently I’ve posted lately. Here’s a snapshot of Biking to Live’s visitor growth over the past four years.

Visitors Overview Google Analytics

Visitors Overview Google Analytics

There are cycling and weight loss sites out there that get A LOT more traffic than Biking to Live but those numbers tell me each year that folks are out there reading this blog and relying on the information on it.

I could list the goals I have for Biking to Live (I have many) but won’t bore you with those. I’d rather thank you. Without your continued moral support, comments on articles, and re-tweeting or liking of articles Biking to Live probably wouldn’t be around today. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit, and contribute to, Biking to Live. Here’s to another fantastic year.

PhotoC: King of Monks