With the new year brings a renewed effort to try and set things right. To continue losing the pounds, to ride further and faster, or to try and hang with the group ride a little further than last year. Or maybe you (like me) just needed to get a ride under your belt in order to get started again. Today was my get started again ride.

I knew yesterday that I would ride today. No matter what. It was going to be cold and windy. But I had to ride. No matter what.

There was no plan today besides just riding. Dress warm, throw the leg over my trusty steed and ride. Knee and arm warmers, thermal skull cap, full-fingered gloves, toe covers and a vest did the trick. It kept me warm but the wind stunk. I already knew it would so it wasn’t too surprising to feel it pushing against me. I would not be deterred today.

The streets were quiet and the sun was low on the horizon. A few runners here and there and a couple cycling were the only other folks out braving the cold and wind. There was the guy walking his little ankle-biter dog that had a cute little dog sweater on. I didn’t ask him but I’m sure it was his wife’s (or girlfriend’s) dog. That’s what I would have said.

About an hour later the ride came to a close. It meant the 2012 riding season had started.