I haven’t posted a review in a while and it’s high-time I got this particular one done. BTB Sunglasses sent me a pair of their 910s about five months ago to review and they’re probably wondering where it (the review) is. Or maybe they’re wondering where I am. Well, here it is. My sincere apologies to BTB for taking so long. For complete disclosure, BTB Sunglasses sent me the 910s free of charge.

I’ve worn the 910s about 15 times now while riding so I think I’ve got a pretty good idea about how they work and what I like/don’t like. Back in my ‘in for review’ post, I mentioned that the BTB 910s come with some pretty impressive specs that include HD Lens Technology, complete UVA/UVB protection, and ballistic rated lenses. Like most guys, I think the ‘ballistic’ part is the coolest as evident in the following video.

I don’t know how many shotgun wielding cyclist-haters you’ll see while out riding but that’s cool as heck. It says something for the durability.

Can they be ridden in?

The thing you probably want to know more than anything though is if they’re any good for riding. In a word, yes.

BTB 910 Sunglasses Lens Clarity

BTB 910 Sunglasses Lens Clarity

Like I said above, I’ve ridden in these sunglasses about 15 times now and have experienced zero problems with them. The frames are well made (out of a material called Grilamid TR90 – the link goes to a tech document for all the geeks out there) and have a good form fit. The temple pieces are attached to the frame using screws – not some cheap plastic connection. The lenses are vented so you don’t get any fogging while riding which is always nice.

BTB 910 Sunglasses Nosepiece

BTB 910 Sunglasses Nosepiece

I didn’t have any problems with the BTB 910s staying in place either. The hypo-allergenic temple inserts and nose piece seemed to help a lot in this department. Not having to continually adjust my sunglasses while riding is a huge plus for me. The pic above gives you a good closeup of the nose piece. The little ‘fingers’ are flexible which help with the form fit even more.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the BTB 910s are great sunglasses for cycling. They perform their function very well and you can’t beat the price at $34.95. Similar sunglasses from some of the big brands could end up costing you two to three times more. As always, here are some pros and cons:


  • Great fit. The BTB 910s fit me really well and I’m a hard fit with anything.
  • Durability. You can’t argue with how well these sunglasses are constructed.
  • Vented. The lenses are vented to prevent fogging up while riding.


  • Limited colors. Call me a cycling fashonista but I like my cycling sunglasses to be white. The 910s are only available in black.
  • Only one lens. As a cyclist you’ll want different lenses for differing conditions (polarized, clear, amber) and the 910 only comes with the polarized option. Still, the single lens option is still a great deal for the price.

If you’re in the hunt for a good pair of cycling sunglasses at a fair price you should check out BTB Sunglasses.