Saturday marked the completion of the first week of Cycling for Optimal Weight – a Mission. As you know, I’ve been off the bike for what might as well have been about two months after only riding for 41 miles in Nov and Dec 2010. Following my goals post a couple of weeks ago I started on the Cycling for Optimal Weight plan authored by Darryl at Loving the Bike and Kelli of Apex Nutriton.

Last week saw me do more riding in one week than I have since Sep 6-12, 2010 and it felt great.

Last Week’s Goals and Results

Last weeks goal was to get 5.5 hours of riding in for the week. I didn’t start until Tuesday morning and missed riding on Wednesday but managed to get 61 miles on the bike and 2 miles of walking last week. That’s a total of 63 miles for the week. I haven’t had that many total weekly miles since the last week of August 2010.

I fell short of my 5.5 hours of riding but managed to get 5.4 hours of total excercise time in. That includes 4h:34m of riding and a :50m walk the day I missed riding. I’ll take those numbers for my first week being ‘back’.

I’m not ready to post about the nutrition side just yet as I’m still adjusting to the meal plans Kelli has subscribed. I have started the supplementation plan she wanted me on and I’ve experienced no issues with that so far. I’ve even gotten used to the taste of apple cider vinegar.

Saturday’s Ride

I rode the longest I have in a while on Saturday. 1.5 hours in the saddle for just over 20 miles. It felt pretty good except for the last half hour in which I suffered due to the wind. The temps were in the upper 40s but the wind began blowing (funny how it does that) upwards of 20 mph straight into my face for the last 30 minutes. Not fun but it was good mileage.

This Mornings Ride

(Please limit the number of panzy comments from you northern riders to one per person please.)

Can be summed up in one word – COLD. I knew it was going to be chilly this morning with temps right at freezing (32F/0C). Sure enough, the alarms goes off at 4:50 AM and a check of the phone reveals the temp to be 31F (-0.5C). One morning I rode last week it was 27F (-2.7c) so I wasn’t too concerned. Ha!

I kitted up and as soon as I opened the garage door I could tell it was COLD. Real cold. In fact, it felt much colder than 31. I’m not a hard man like Mike who rides in all weather conditions. Maybe I should just HTFU. Anyway, for the first 20 minutes or so I had a hard time getting past how cold my fingers were but they eventually went numb, or I warmed up from riding, because I forgot about them at some point.

There was just one other brave person (a lady out running) out there along my route this morning so all the regulars either wimped out due to the cold or were still suffering from drowning their sorrows following the Bears and Jets losses. Or maybe they were smarter than I was and were waiting until this afternoon to exercise when temps were expected to climb into the 60s.

The numbers for today’s ride were: 1h:00m:51s; 13.01 miles; 12.8 mph pace. Not exactly greased lightening but I’ll take it.

I made a small adjustment to my route this morning that made much more sense than what I was doing. Tomorrow I’ll tweak it just a little more and it should be fine-tuned for these 1 hour morning rides.

This week’s riding plan is to repeat last week and concentrate in getting the time in and not worry too much about the pace. Hopefully I won’t run into any issues and can get on the full 5.5 hours of riding.

Thumbnail PhotoC: Spunfunkster