Do You Need Accountability?

Do You Need Accountability?

This time every year most people have come up few resolutions and/or goals to try and change something about themselves during the upcoming year. Creating New Year Resolutions or goals have almost become trivial as almost everyone makes them and almost everyone fails to achieve them. If you’re like me you want to ride more and weigh less. Period. Why is it that so many of us fail to do just that?

Like I said, most of us want to ride more and weigh less by the end of the year. Millions of people, literally, make the resolution or goal to lose weight during the year and most of them fail. Is it because they don’t know what to do? Maybe, but I bet that’s not it. Most of us, including myself, know what we need to do to lose weight.

  • Eat Better
  • Exercise More

That’s really simplified but you know what I mean – cut out the sweets and alcohol; eat lean proteins; eat your veggies; move your body; etc. If it’s that easy, why do we fail?


I think is this one of the big reasons we fail and it was the subject of a phone conversation yesterday between me and my good friend Victor over at Bicycle Lab.

If you’re like me, your trying to accomplish the goals you set out to do by yourself. You probably don’t have a support group (other than perhaps a spouse – who are sometimes good at sabotaging our good intentions) that’s going to hold you accountable to do what’s necessary to meet your goals.

You may not have even told anyone about your goals. Why? If you don’t tell anyone about your goals, and don’t achieve them, it’s like you didn’t make the goal at all. You know what I mean.

So, do you think you could use a little more accountability?


  1. Dude, seriously the problem is mainly from the absolutely ridiculous portion sizes that are given to us at restaurants and even that we concoct for ourselves at home. A full sized 8+ inch subway is not 1 meal, it’s probably all three. It’s fricken ridiculous how much food we get versus how much food you really actually need.

    I have a coworker who just completely cut out lunch and lost like 30+ pounds and still is healthy. That’s not what the rest of us recommend, especially since he’s going home and probably having a big dinner, but the entire capitalist culture of getting more for our money is whats gotten us into this mess.

    What I suggest next time you go get fast food is get the smallest thing on the menu for what you want. Going to Burger King? Just get the regular cheeseburger, or at most the junior whopper. Just try it. See if 20 minutes after you’re done scarfing the little thing down if you’re still hungry. I know I can get by and not be hungry until dinner time with just having about a third of what I used to eat. You’d be surprised.

    • Sean, thanks for the comment. I agree totally about portion sizes and it’s something I struggle with on a daily basis as I’m sure others do. I’ve started saying to myself, “Eat small to get small.”

      Now, as far as fast food goes, I’m of the opinion that any kind of fast food is bad on matter how small the portion.

  2. Accountability is key. This is always why (like right now) whenever I need to re-dedicate myself to achieving a healthier weight (6 down, 30 to go), I always tell my wife and children which foods I’m not allowed to eat and that they are in charge of yelling at me if they catch me eating them.

    You’d be amazed at how shameful a 5 year old can make you feel about a single Dorito chip!

    • I like your idea about telling the kids what we’re not allowed to eat. My daughter would waste no time in telling me about it.


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