Besides the wind the weather here in Dallas has improved dramatically over the past few weeks. It’s getting darker later each night and that makes for great riding in the evenings after work. I should have started my evening riding about three weeks ago but only got out there the first time last night.

Got a Good Ride in Last Night

I was actually supposed to pick up a bike rack last night but when that fell through I wound up with time to ride. The wind was blowing but I decided to go anyway. I’m glad I did because I had a great ride. Here’s a link to the route/numbers for the ride over on DailyMile (which I love by the way). 16 miles at 13.2 avg speed. Not bad for my first evening ride of the season. The wind was an issue on part of the route but I just dealt with it. The ride up The Three Sister (three hills on the way home) actually went OK but I have a long, long way to go until I’m riding up them with any kind of form/speed. Those three hills are killing my overall average speed. My body felt good during the ride and I actually worked up a good sweat. I had some issues with my right leg (discomfort on the right inner thigh, a little knee discomfort, and a hot spot on the right foot). Left side was perfect so this left me a little baffled. When I got home I gave everything a once over and noticed my saddle was pointing to the right. Not a huge amount but enough to be noticeable. I straightened that out so we’ll see how it goes on my next ride. I need to check my right cleat as well since it felt loose. I know I’m due for some new shoes though so that might be part of it.

Deeds (Ride), Not Words (Excuses)

So, why did I wait until last night to start my evening rides? One word and one word only – excuses. Over the years I’ve gotten very adept at looking at something I need to do and thinking of a good reason not to do it. You might call it a talent. My wife calls it procrastination.

My big excuse the last couple of weeks has been that there was too much wind. Even after living here for almost 1.5 years I’m still trying to use that excuse. It’s not really a good excuse because it’s windy all the freaking time. Some days worse than others. The past few weeks have been brutal with days of gusts in the range of 30-40 mph. So, for many of those days I used the wind as an excuse.

Other days I rationalized running errands instead of going out and riding. You know, stuff like go to the bike shop to pick up some chain lube, run by the grocery store, etc. All stuff that could easily be taken care of on the weekend. In other words, pathetic excuses.

A couple of days ago I read a great blog post by Andy Rutledge about an Inspiring Ride Partner. You should read that story. It’ll put a whole new perspective on the lame excuses you’re using to not ride. It did for me.

So, after putting it off for three weeks, I became angry with myself for not getting out to ride and was in turn very disappointed in my current condition because I haven’t been riding. Last night I went for a ride and it felt great. I feel better today for having done it.

It’s time for more deeds not words. More rides not excuses.

Are you putting off your rides because of lame excuses?

Image courtesy of gorfor.