Each morning after my ride I log my stats into Dailymile. Once I click on ‘share’ my ride stats and comments are transmitted to the Biking To Live Facebook Fan Page and on Twitter @bdewberry. This morning I said something about the moon looking great at 6:15. @marijolamarche responded to my shared workout on Twitter with:

“On your bike at 6:15 Bryan? That’s dedication!”

You know what? She’s right. Cycling does take dedication. Am I any more dedicated than someone else? Probably not but for any of us getting out there to ride it takes some measure of dedication and motivation to do it. We have to make sure our equipment is ready to ride. We have to hydrate properly before riding and after. We have to eat right (which I’m still working on) and, probably harder than anything, we have to make time to get our cycling in. For me, I like cycling in the morning.

So Why Do We Do It?

We all have our reasons why we’re dedicated to cycling. Some of you probably have the same reasons as I do but others will have different motivations. We all have them. Here’s what @eqtmgr said when I asked on Twitter why you were dedicated to cycling:

“This is going to sound weird, but for me its the punishment. Its the pain that I put myself through every time I ride.”

Why Am I Dedicated to Cycling?

As most of you know, I’m using cycling to lose weight and get healthy. There’s really no other major reason. And last week I was reminded of that. I won’t share why (nothing medical or health related) but I had to do something and was quite embarrassed after-wards. I couldn’t believe how bad I looked. I felt terrible and wanted to crawl into a hole.

My weight isn’t going to go away by hiding or feeling sorry for myself though. That’s why I have cycling. I love the sport. It helps me work up a sweat and lets me push my endurance limits without physically destroying my body like running would.

I know I must be a site to the drivers that see me each morning as they work on their Nascar training. A big fat dude wearing tight clothes and riding a skinny bicycle. Sweat pouring off his face and perhaps looking like he might keel over while waiting for the light to change to green. It’s OK what they think. I got over caring what other people think a long time ago. They don’t know why I do it and likely don’t know what they’re missing.

Another added benefit is that it gets me out of the house. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family but being the only male in a house of six females (wife, three daughters, and two cats) can make you feel a little outnumbered. It’s nice to escape the insanity of The House of Estrogen.

Following the wake-up call last week, I’ve had a relatively good week of cycling. Perhaps the episode motivated me in some way. I’ve also been making changes on the bike under the direction of Victor @bicyclelab. I’ve got a totally new riding position, a new seat post, and new shoes. Other changes are coming but I like what he’s done so far. The result? I’m riding better and faster. I can maintain cadence easier and speeds longer. My average speed is creeping up. Overall it’s a complete turnaround and I love it. Like I said, there are still more changes to be made so we’re not done yet. I can’t thank Victor enough.

The Ebook Is Almost Done

I announced two weeks ago that I was writing an Ebook geared to the new cyclist. Or those that have been away from the sport for a long time. I had hoped to have it done this week but my work schedule killed that plan. It is almost done though and should be released next week.

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