I’ve been doing some thinking lately about trying to get involved in some type of charity ride to help raise money for a worthy cause. I’m sure you can think of several of these types of rides off the top of your head such as the MS-150 for Multiple Sclerosis, The Tour de Cure for Diabetes and the Livestrong Challenge for cancer research. These are all big events with many rides throughout the country.

If I did one of these rides I would want it to be a ride that supported fund raising for a disease that directly impacted my family. The Tour de Cure would work since I do have members in my family that are diabetic (I’m not). After thinking about it a little more I thought that riding for something related to heart disease might be a little more appropriate since that’s what I lost my dad to six months ago. My families history of heart problems (and me heading down that path) is the main reason I started this blog so it seems a natural cause to ride for. So I set out trying to find a charity ride/event/group that centered on the heart.

I’ve come up with almost nothing. I did some searching on the Internet and sought advice via Twitter with almost no luck. There’s a ride here or there that raises money for heart disease or stroke awareness but I could find nothing on the level of the MS-150 or the Tour de Cure. I was really surprised to find so little on the American Heart Association’s website. They have specific fund raising activities/events but none of them involve cycling even though they list cycling both as an exercise to fight heart disease and to help those recovering from heart surgery. I found that really amazing.

So, my question is, do any of my readers know of any event out there that benefits the American Heart Association, or heart disease in general, and involves cycling?