In an effort to try and spread the word around about some of the great cyclist/bloggers out there I’ve decided to start a new series of posts called a “Cycling Blogger Profile”. This is where I’ll feature a cyclist who also blogs about their cycling and try and bribe them into answering a few questions. How often will I do this? Who knows. Once or twice a month maybe. Maybe less. You get my drift.

My first victim is Jeff Contreras who runs 331miles. Jeff runs a great blog where he talks frequently about his cycling as well as other events in his life. He rides in the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas and is famous for being an “Elite Cyclist” and having “truly massive quads”. On a serious note, he puts in some serious riding and his posts are always accompanied with pictures from the ride.

Jeff @

Jeff @

I decided to send some questions over to Jeff and see if he would take the time to answer them and he did. Here they are:

    Q: How long have you been cycling and what got you started?
    A: I started cycling in high school, only to me it was just riding my department store bike for longish distances. After an almost 20 year hiatus, I started cycling in earnest in 2006. The combination of wanting to lose weight and the encouragement of a triathlete buddy got me started.

    Q: What kinds of bike(s) do you ride?
    A: I ride a 2005 Giant TCR C1. I also have a Marin Hawk Hill (2003?) mountain bike, although I rarely ride it.

    Q: What do you consider your greatest cycling achievement?
    A: I rode from McAllen, TX to San Antonio, TX in 2 days during the summer of 2008. 100+ miles each day.

    Q: What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish with your cycling but haven’t yet?
    A: I would like to race sanctioned races (of course train for them too). Living in McAllen, it requires too much traveling. If I get back to Austin (or other metro area), I’ll probably make it a #1 goal.

    Q: What’s your favorite on-bike food/drink?
    A: I like Clif products, particularly the mocha gel. To drink, I like water with Nuun electrolyte tablets, alternating with sips from a bottle of plain ol’ water.

    Q: Who will win this year’s TdF?
    A: Ooooh. I’m picking the sentimental favorite — Lance Armstrong. But I’ll hedge by saying it could definitely be another Astana rider, either Contador or Leipheimer. My outside pick is Boonen.

Well, that’s it. Be sure to head over to Jeff’s blog,, and give it a read. Subscribe to his RSS feed while you’re there and/or follow him on Twitter @331miles.

Jeff, sorry you had to be my first victim but thanks for answering the questions.