Welcome to the September 2011 Cycling and Weight Loss Report. I do these reports once a month so you can follow along in my progress towards losing weight with cycling. More importantly I want these posts to help inspire you to battle the bulge. You can see what I’m doing, what’s working for me, what isn’t, the challenges I’m facing, and what I’m struggling with. Through it all we’ll both be better for it.

The month of September was another hard (i.e. I struggled) month but it started out great with me completing an organized ride on September 10th called The Patriots Memorial Ride. You can read my ride report here. About three days after that ride I started to not feel so good. I’m hesitant to say I was ‘sick’ but my body didn’t feel right at all. There was no way I could ride but I did manage to keep my eating under control. Somewhat.

As the month of September moved along I began to feel better and was able to get more mileage on the bike the last couple of weeks. My eating on the other hand hasn’t been super. I have kept it under control but it could be improved so much. I’m sure you can relate. Without further rambling, here’s the breakdown for this month.

Tale of the Scale

My goal from last month was to get to 264.5 pounds on the scale in September. That number was never in jeapordy as I basically held steady in the 269-270 range. My final weight on September 30th was 270.5 so I actually gained 1.5 pounds this month. Dissappointing but it happens. Time to move on.

I can’t say that I’m surprised by that number when I look back on my eating for the month. If I could get back into a rhythm on my eating I’m confident I can get that number to start moving down again.

On the Bike

In September I got a total of 318 miles on the bike. That’s down 25 miles from August but still one of my better months of the year. Having that 57 mile charity ride certainly helped boost my total. I’ve done good at keeping my weekday morning rides in the 23-25 mile range and am consistently seeing an average pace of 15.5 to 16.5 mph.

September 2011 Mileage

September 2011 Mileage

The second week of September was my worst week with me only managing 19 miles total. That was the week I felt bad plus weather was an issue as we saw quite a few early morning thunderstorms and rain. The third week I upped it to 72 miles on only 3 rides for the week (again due to weather). Last week saw me get 84 miles on four rides.

Group rides on Saturday at the bike shop are still going good. The second Saturday of the month was a wash due to weather but I did make the last two (the first Saturday of the month was the Patriots Ride). This past Saturday’s ride saw about half the turnout due to the MS150 but that didn’t keep the regulars from dropping the hammer early. Me and another guy got dropped about 8 miles into the ride at 27 mph so we finished by ourselves. It was a good ride but was hard due to the wind.

October 2011 Cycling and Weight Loss Goals

  • Achieve a weight of 265.5. Again, that’s a loss of about 1 pound per week. Getting back on the eating plan will be key.
  • Ride 400 miles for the month. I still haven’t ridden that many miles in a month and I want to get it done this month. The temperature has really changed here the last week so riding is sweet right now.
  • Start core training. I am utterly failing at this and don’t know why I’m procrastinating on starting it.

Another goal, not associated with my riding or weight loss, is this blog. I’ve let it get stagnant of late and really need to start posting more and providing some value. This month I’m going to try to start writing more blog posts. I did change the theme this weekend as the all-grey theme I had before was starting to wear on me.

Thanks for all the support and good luck in meeting your goals this month. If you’d like to share your goals with me please post’em in the comments below. If I can help you meet them let me know how.