Another month has come and gone so it’s time for my monthly report on my cycling and weight loss. I wasn’t too thrilled about writing this post because I’m not happy with my February results. At all. In short I feel like I totally failed last month. Especially on the weight loss front.

Last month my goals were simple – lose 3 pounds, ride 390 miles, and start core training. I failed at all three. The only thing I did accomplish was not having a soft drink bringing my total to 60 days without one.

Tale of the Scale

I was all over the place on the scale last month but I started out great. A couple weeks into February I was down to 272 and already achieving my 3 pound weight loss goal when everything exploded. It seemed like overnight that I shot up to 277, struggled to get back down to 275 and then hung out there for a week. I finished the month at 275 which meant I didn’t lose anything. On the bright side I guess you could say that I didn’t gain anything either.

In the Gym

I continued working out twice a week in the gym by lifting weights. The workout is still focusing on the legs with only two chest exercises. Since February was the second month of lifting the sets and reps changed from 2×12 in January to 4×8. This let me increase the weight to continue building strength. I can really tell the difference in my thighs as they are rock hard but I’ve always had very strong legs. Starting in April I’ll shift to a more whole body weight workout.

On the Bike

I only managed 244 miles on the bike in February. That’s 100 more than January but about 150 short of my goal. 150 miles! That’s terrible.

My longest ride of the month was only 41 miles and I went a stretch of 13 days where I only rode three times. How pathetic is that? Especially when you consider how mild a winter we’re having here in Florida where you can literally ride outside everyday (there have been a few days where it wouldn’t be a good idea but you know what I mean). On the 23rd I turned 41 and had wanted to ride my age before heading into work that day. One thing lead to another and I had a good string of excuses as to why I only rode 11 that day – not enough sleep, short on time, tired, etc.

Basically, I was full of excuses and short on commitment.


Sometimes I wonder if I lack the commitment required to lose this weight. I’m tired of sounding like a broken record every month on these reports as I detail how much weight I failed to lose and how far I didn’t ride. Know what I mean?

I know why I’m trying to lose the weight (health, family, etc.) but why am I not making any progress?

Am I not riding far enough?

Am I not riding enough?

Am I still eating too much?

Am I still eating the wrong stuff?

All of the above?

I don’t feel like I’m alone in these questions either or you would see everyone who wanted to lose weight and get fit do it with no problems.

Sorry, had to vent a little.

Goals for March

  • Get back to basics – logging my food, taking my supplements, riding, eating right.
  • Lose three pounds.
  • Ride 400 miles.
  • Finish my winter training program strong.
  • Start a daily cardio/core program. I am so tired of putting this off.