Another year has come and gone. Ups and downs. You know the drill. The year wasn’t all bad and wasn’t all good. That’s life I guess. Those of you who follow this blog probably thought I might have died due to the infrequent blog updates. The same could have been said last year. I’ll try to explain a little of that, and more, as I close out 2014. This will not be a resolutions post though.

Posting Frequency

Over the last couple of years the number of posts I’ve written has been pretty small. Only five in 2014 (including this one) and five in 2013. For all intensive purposes I haven’t been writing at all. Even without the posting the site traffic has been better than ever due to the content I published over the first five years of the blog.. I have lots of reasons but they boil down to two:

  • No time. My 9-5 has been taking up a significant portion of my time (re-organizations, doing more with less people, etc.) and has left me with no desire to do anything else except spend what time I have with my family and riding my bike. The only time I take for myself is the Saturday morning group rides (more on that later). I even gave away my Xbox and games to help a family at Christmas because I just didn’t have the time to play it anymore. Unfortunately, this blog has fallen victim to the “no time” excuse as well.
  • I set the bar too high. I’d like to blog about a number of things related to cycling, health and life in general but often find myself putting topics off because I’m not an expert on the subject or don’t have the time (see #1) to do the necessary research to put a good post together. I’m thinking I just need to go back to the basics and blog about my cycling with some simple how-to articles thrown in there with the occasional review. There are plenty of other cycling sites out there where you can get really great content from experts.

Biking to Live isn’t going away. This year the blog will have its 7th Anniversary which is unreal when I think about it. I had no idea the blog would still be here after that period of time. I’m going to try and do better in 2015 by posting more this year but don’t expect a 3 days per week posting frequency. It’s just not going to happen.

Awesome riding in 2014.

2014 was a great year of riding for me. I didn’t ride a ton of miles (2589.5) but did get in some great rides with a couple of epics (from my perspective) thrown in there. It started with a lot of trainer miles in the early part of the year that helped a lot. Then, as the summer progressed, I saw a huge jump in my endurance and speed on the bike. I was able to hang with the A group for longer, pull the group at a faster pace, close down gaps, make the A+ group break on several occasions and even compete in a couple of sprints. I had some really great group rides in 2014 and want to continue that into 2015.

I started using Strava in 2014 and believe that helped a lot with my riding too. Being able to track your rides against specific segments so you know how you’re doing is an awesome feature and great motivational tool. I’ll continue to use it in 2015.

This year I will rely on the trainer again for the early months of the year but will be taking it to the next level by using TrainerRoad. I’m already conducting a review of trainer videos produced by PainCave but will likely start using some from The Sufferfest as well.

Weight Loss Challenge

I continue to struggle with my weight. Over the summer I tried a new eating plan and saw some great changes. I’m not sure why I didn’t stick with it. Probably because I was lazy. I intend to go back to it this year in an effort to try to get healthy again.

A few weeks ago I was talking to one of the regulars after our Saturday morning ride and he mentioned that he needs to get into better shape because of an upcoming trip to Belgium in April (several guys from the shop go over once every couple of years to ride and watch Flanders and Paris Roubaix; I’d really like to go sometime). The guy I was talking yo is overweight, just like me, but has been riding a long time. So we concocted a weight loss challenge right there in the store in front of everybody. It will run from 3-Jan-2014 until 28-Mar-2015 (the week before he leaves for Belgium). The winner is the one who loses the most weight during that time period. The bet isn’t huge (a case of belgian beer) but I’m hoping the challenge will provide us both the motivation to make things happen as the bragging rights will be big. Plus, weigh-ins are right there in the shop in front of everybody so the pressure will be high. I can’t wait. This will definitely give me something to post about over the next few months.

What About You?

So, how was your 2014? Did you accomplish what you wanted to? What are your plans for 2015?