Day 45

Nothing special on Day 4. Was supposed to be a 30 minute recovery ride but I wound up having to skip it.

Day 56

This is the first Saturday of the Century Training Plan. Saturday’s will traditionally be the long endurance rides and with this being the first Saturday it was 2 hours in length but will increase over the next 12 weeks peaking at 5 hours.

I arrived at the White Rock Trail in enough time to start by 8:30 with plans to be finished by 11 but a phone call delayed me from starting until 9. That would translate to some hurting in the heat near the end of the ride.

Starting out slowly I did my warm up for 30 minutes or six miles. I began in the small chain ring and slowly increased my speed and shifted into the big chain ring over the next 30 minutes. After the warm up was complete I was riding along at 15 mph which is my planned endurance pace for my century. Now I would try to hold that for 2 hours.

After 30 minutes I didn’t feel too good and felt like I was struggling. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with having nothing for breakfast (besides six fig newtons) which was a big tactical error. At this point I was wondering how I was going to ride another 1.5 hours. I just tried to settle down and keep going. Before long I had reached the one hour point but it was starting to get hot. Real hot.

Between the 1:40 and 1:50 ride time points I struggled very hard to maintain 15 mph and couldn’t. It was getting very, very hot and the wind had picked up some from the South and had really wiped me out over the past half hour. After 1:50 total ride time I started to feel a little better after taking it easy and picked my speed back up which I maintained back to my car. I actually made it back to my car a little early and was only at endurance pace for one hour and 45 minutes. I’ll take it though because it was scorching at this point.

Here are the numbers:

Total Ride Time: 2:13:07 (including 30 minute warm up)
Total Distance: 32.62
Avg Speed: 14.7 mph

Overall this was a tough ride for me because I didn’t eat beforehand, which was stupid, and the heat. I can’t make that mistake again. Lots of cyclists out at White Rock Lake this morning too.

Later this evening I’ve got a 1.5 hour endurance ride before a rest day tomorrow. The mileage for the week is piling up.