This week in the Century Training Plan is basically a recovery week so in addition to having Monday as a normal rest day I also had Tuesday off with Wednesday as an easy spin day. I believe this week was positioned this way to give riders a chance to recover some after having put in three hard weeks prior to this week. I can tell you that I needed it. Here’s the daily breakdown:

Day 37 – Rest Day – not much to say here

Day 38 – .5 Hour Easy Spin – I mentioned this ride a yesterday when I posted my rant about and horse dung. This was truly an easy spin for 30 minutes that felt pretty good. My legs were actually still a little sore from the weekends rides. Having this easy spin helped to loosen them and they felt pretty good for last nights ride. Here are the numbers:

Time (h:m): 0:30
Distance: 7.57 miles
Avg Speed: 15.14 mph

Day 39 – 1.5 Hour Endurance with 4×8 Intervals – I had been eagerly awaiting this ride because I wanted to really hammer the intervals. The wind hurt me on intervals 2 and 4 but I road them very hard regardless. On interval 1 and 3 I was able to maintain some good stretches at 19+ mph with some over 21 mph. That’s huge for me. I find it funny that while I’m doing these intervals upwards of 20 mph that I’m still getting passed by other folks. It just tells me that I have a long, long way to go to get back into shape. I have noticed though that I can maintain higher speeds on the hills and when I’m done with each interval my recovery time seems to only take a few minutes. I don’t have a heart rate monitor to see exactly how long my recovery time is but I do know that when I’m finished with an interval I’m back to breathing normally and wanting to pick my speed back up to 15 mph after only 2 or 3 minutes. That tells me that they seem to be working. Here are the numbers for yesterday’s ride:

Time (h:m): 1:03
Distance: 16.76 miles
Avg Speed: 15.96 mph

You’ll notice that I cut the time short by about 27 minutes. Believe it or not, I was getting uncomfortable in the saddle again and I was wearing my new bibs (with chamois cream). I have one particular spot on my right side that seems to really bother me. Almost like a blister. My left side is perfect. I don’t believe it’s a saddle sore just an irritation caused by my bibs, saddle, or fit. If I can figure out how to remedy this one problem I think I’ll be good to go.

I read an interesting article today about FRS in Men’s Journal – The Best Energy Supplement Ever? I had wondered if the stuff was all it was cracked up to be and the article suggests it is. I love how Juan Pelota (Lance Armstrong) was able to get some free samples. I tried to get some free FRS so I could do a long-term test during my century training and was politely told to buy my own. Guess I don’t have the pull ole Juan does. Sometime soon I’m going to have to start looking at something besides gatorade. My weekend ride mileage is starting to climb with me probably looking at 65 miles tomorrow which would put me over the metric century mark. I’ve also noticed that after some of my longer/harder rides that my legs will be sore the next day. I’m just hesitant to lay out the cash for supplements and not see any help. I thought the discussion on FRS potentially having to be banned by WADA interesting.

I just said that I’ll probably ride about 65 miles tomorrow (4 hours on the bike). Last week for my 3 hour ride I had a cliff bar at the 1.5 point and lots of water throughout. For tomorrow’s (and subsequent long rides) I think I’m going to need a little more. Maybe a cliff bar and a gel or peanut butter sandwich. I’ve read that 45 minutes between refueling is a good point to start. I’d like to hear some of your opinions on eating/drinking during the 4 hour ride to include food choices and when to eat.