Century Training Series: Days 33, 34, 35 & 36 (Week 5 Re-Cap)

Day 33 – Rest Day

Not much to be said about that. I considered riding anyway because I had missed a day earlier in the week due to rain but decided against it so I didn’t compromise my Saturday morning ride.

Day 34 – 3 Hour Endurance Pace Ride

I woke up a little before 7 AM and headed on down to White Rock Lake to get this ride in. The morning was just beautiful and the temp was still in the lower 80s when I started. There were a lot of folks out this morning doing their riding, running, rollerblading and walking. There even looked to be some kind of running race going on but I missed most of it because it looked like it had started early.

This ride was fairly simple – ride at endurance pace (15 mph) for 3 hours. I’d done this same length of ride just a couple of weeks earlier so I knew I could do it. After a 15 minute warm up I settled into a good rhythm and went to it. Everything went really good but after about an hour the wind started to pick up from the South and that made my Southbound leg around the lake a little difficult on some of the exposed points. I was really happy with the way I attacked the three or four hills that I see in each loop. I did notice that after several laps I couldn’t maintain the same speed I did initially but I can tell I’m getting better at riding them. I brought a cliff bar with me this time and had it at the 1.5 hour point. Immediately after that I rode pretty good (could have been psychological) but the 2 hour to 2.5 hour time frame was pretty hard.

After I was done I felt really good about the ride and am happy with the numbers. While I didn’t ride 50 miles during my timed endurance portion, if I was to add on my warm up I would be over the half-century mark. Here are the numbers:

Total Time (h:m): 3:10
Total Distance: 48.4 miles
Avg Speed: 15.28 mph

Day 35 – 1.5 Hour Endurance Pace Ride

This is the same ride as Day 34 but for only half the time. Instead of waiting until the evening to ride I decided to ride early and am glad I did because it got HOT later in the day. One bad thing about the ride though was that the wind was brutal. Straight out of the South but blowing hard. It made it quite difficult on portions of the loop but I just grinded it out. Saw lots of riders again this morning. Here are the numbers:

Total Time (h:m): 1:30
Total Distance: 23 miles
Avg Speed: 15.3 mph

Day 36 – Rest Day (Week 5 Re-Cap)

Today is Monday and the standard rest day. The Century Training Plan I’m following also has tomorrow as a rest day so I should be well-rested for Wednesday’s ride. I know I need the rest but I don’t feel like I need two days off.

The mileage numbers and measurements for this week are below. I’m about 23 miles short of what I should have been for the weekly mileage due to a rain day but I’m still happy with the numbers. My measurements seem to be fluctuating a bit and frustrate me. I really thought I’d start seeing change changes in my girth by this point but I haven’t seen anything significant. It seems like I’m holding within a half inch on all measurements with some up and some down. The next several weeks should tell me a lot though because my Saturday rides will see me really raising the bar on the mileage with this Saturday calling for a 4 hour ride. I’d like to find someplace other than White Rock Lake to do it so if any of you readers are in Dallas and can suggest a safe, low traffic route I’d like to hear about it.

Here are this weeks mileage numbers:

Total Time: (h:m): 5:59
Total Distance: 91.3
Avg Speed: 15.2 mph
Total Training Mileage (since 4-Jul-09): 509.87

Measurements changes since last week:

Neck: +.5 in
Chest: -.5 in
Left Bicep: -.25 in
Right Bicep: +.25 in
Waist: +.5 in
Left Thigh: -.5 in
Right Thigh: -1 in
Left Calf: -1 in
Right Calf: 0

New Gloves

After finishing my ride on Sunday morning (Day 35) my gloves finally gave up the ghost with one of the seams giving way. The seam had actually given away a while ago but it finally came all the way loose today. I can’t argue with how they’ve performed because they were a cheap pair of Nashbar gloves that have probably seen well over 1000 miles of riding. They needed replacement a long time ago but I try to make stuff last as long as possible (maybe I’m just cheap). I ended up going to the local Performance Store and they had several gloves on sale. I opted for the Performance Century Gel Glove which cost me $12.99. I know they aren’t a name-brand glove but compared to some of the name-brands that were on sale the Century Gel seemed to fit better and had better padding. We’ll see how they go and I’ll probably do a long-term review to let you know how they work out.


  1. I have a pair of gloves that were my sons. They have much more padding that the official gloves in the bike shops don't have and the price was right. I'm cheap too. I hope you're getting some kind of royalties for advertising equipment here on you site.

  2. P.S. I can't seem to get my Yahoo avatar in the little picture box. Any suggestions?

  3. @retrogal: A while ago I made a post about how advertisements work on here. Here's the link: Why I Have Advertisements. I only get commissions if someone actually buys something from one of the companies I advertise. I should probably update that post because since then I've totally re-vamped my ad structure and went with new companies. Just for the record, I make no money from this site right now. I get nothing from Performance Bike. Just because I don't get anything from Performance doesn't mean I can't review any product I buy and let my loyal reader(!) know whether or not it's a good product.

    Your Yahoo avatar won't work on here. The avatars you see showing up come from a site called Gravatar.com. If you go there and create an account you can create an avatar that will show up. The avatar that shows up is linked to the email you put in the comment submission form so you could have multiple avatars for different sites if you wanted to.

  4. Thanks for the avatar tip. I will check out the Gravatar.com site right now.I was thinking of asking my daughter for help but she was having some trouble getting pictures small enough. They seem to know so much. It's a struggle to keep up with them.

  5. I know what you mean. We started our youngest on computer learning games very early and by the time she was 7 knew her way around a computer better than most adults. She's 9 now and a whiz.

  6. I went through the whole process looking at hundreds of pictures trying to find just the right one. My Yahoo avatar was a girl on a bike with the CN Tower and the Rogers Center in the Background. After I found a good one and typed in the URL address an error message popped up. I'll try again later.

  7. I believe you can upload your own pic if you want to.

  8. Yes, I saw that option in the list but I dont thing I have a good cycling picture. Maybe I’ll take some new ones.

  9. Hey, it worked. It's not my first choice but it will do for now til I work out the kinks. This is the fifth gravatar I tried. The first four wouldn't work.


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