Day 30 – 1.5 Hour Endurance with 4×8 Intervals

This was my infamous ride that left me miserable, doubting my abilities, and lead me to write 3 minutes to a better bike ride. By now you’ve all probably read that my problem was a rubbing brake pad on my rear wheel that was basically giving me tons of resistance for the 45 minutes I rode. Not a good day. I’m better now though.

Day 31 – 1 Hour Endurance

Totally rained out. A huge thunderstorm moved through the DFW Metroplex from about 5-8 PM so there was no chance of getting a ride in. I don’t have a trainer so I couldn’t even fall back on that. Oh well.

Day 32 – 1.5 Hour Endurance with 4×8 Intervals

Basically a repeat of Day 30 and I was really looking forward to this ride. The wind was blowing which would make intervals 2 and 4 very difficult but overall it was a great ride. Interval 1 was so-so because it was my first one but interval 3 felt great. The section of the trail I was on was kind of flattish for interval 3 so I was able to maintain speeds over 18 mph with brief periods at 20 mph. That’s a big deal for me.

My nether regions are back to feeling good on the bike after starting back on a chamois cream. I’ve always used Paceline Butt’r so that’s what I went back to. Feels great. I wore my new Performance Bibs today and did notice on the right side they seemed to scrunch up right on the inside of my upper leg that caused a little discomfort but nothing major. I bought’em a little tight so that might be why. I’m hoping as I lose more weight they’ll fit me pretty good for a while.

I also moved my saddle back about a 1/4 inch and that has seemed to help too. Not sure if it’s psychological or not but I really felt I could climb better with the saddle a little further back.

Here are today’s numbers:

Total Time (h:m): 1:19
Total Distance: 19.88 miles
Avg Speed: 15.1 mph