Day 3

I was all set to ride my first interval day of the century training plan but mother nature decided not to cooperate. As I was getting off the train from work it was just starting to sprinkle and by the time I got home (a 5 minute drive) it was a downpour of biblical proportions. Tons of rain and it was headed straight for White Rock Lake. I decided then that riding was going to be a washout.

Day 4

Today saw better weather but it was hotter. The temp at 6:30 PM was in the high 90s and the heat index was probably over 100F. It was windy too with it blowing 10-20 mph out of the South which gave me a headwind for half of the 25 miles I rode.

Today’s scheduled ride was a 1.5 hour endurance pace ride which, for me, means 1.5 hours while maintaining 15 mph. Because of the 1.5 hour ride I opted to only do a 15 minute warm up which put me in the saddle for 1 hour 45 minutes. I felt OK but the wind was brutal in spots and made it hard to maintain 15 mph with the headwind. There was one uphill spot where I couldn’t maintain 15 mph but made it up on the backside. I ended up in the small chain ring for the most of the ride which didn’t bother me in the least.

Overall I think it was a good ride but not easy. When riding these endurance rides I’ve switched my computer from a speed/distance display to a speed/time display. This lets me keep an eye on my speed so I can maintain the required endurance pace but not be worried about the distance I’ve ridden and instead watch the time.

Here are today’s numbers:
Distance: 25.73 miles
Avg Speed: 14.8 mph (including warm up)
Total Time: 1:44:00
Piles of Dog Crap Run Over: 1 (lovely)

A few people have asked about the Century Training Plan I’m following. Here’s the link to the Century Cycling Training Plan on It’s basically what was in the June 2009 issue but it doesn’t show what days you do intervals.