Like I said in my last Century Training Series post I’m only going to be posting about my century training on Monday’s and Thursdays. Reading about my training is probably boring enough as it is but asking you to do it everyday would be like me asking you to sit through reruns of Al Trautwig doing Tour de France commentary on Versus. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Today’s re-cap will cover Days 23, 24 and 25.

Day 23 – 1.5 Hour Overall Endurance with 4×8 Intervals

I’m finally getting the hang of the intervals and actually enjoy doing them. With the 9 mile (or so) loop around White Rock Lake I can get two eight minute intervals in per lap with each followed by an eight minute recovery. I haven’t felt too great over the last few days and it kind of showed in my workout because I wasn’t able to ride the intervals too hard. I probably averaged about 17-17.5 mph on each interval and 13 mph during the recovery. My last interval was pretty good but I had to deal with a big Hummer that was in front of me that couldn’t pass a rider it was following. That caused me to slow down a couple of times but I was able to pick my speed back up soon after. The numbers were:

Total Time (h:m): 1:30
Total Distance: 23.21 miles
Avg Speed: 15.47 mph

My biggest problem on this ride was my new bibs or rather my discomfort in my new bibs. After an hour I was totally uncomfortable with what felt like some rubbing around the edge of the chamois. Even though these new bibs are much lighter than my old ones (and the chamois isn’t as dense) I’m not totally convinced the problem is the bibs. I’m sure they still need to get broken in but I think the real problem is my gargantuan size buttocks (it’s funnier if you say that in your best Forest Gump impersonation). With my super-sized rear, combined with the new bibs, I believe I need to take a close look at my saddle. The saddle I have is a Vetta Lite Gel and is the original that came with my bike 15 years ago. If would probably come as no surprise either that I had half as much rear then as I do now. I’ve put off looking for a new saddle for quite a while but think I may need to give it a shot again. I say again because I attempted to get my sit bones measured at a Trek store in Jacksonville, FL last year and the employee couldn’t figure out how to work the fit board. This is going to have to be a priority for me next week. If you have suggestions I’m all ears.

Day 24 – 1 Hour Endurance

I was really surprised to get this ride in because it was threatening rain all day. It actually turned out quite nice but was humid again. Luckily I remembered my headband today and didn’t have to deal with sweat in my eyes like Day 23. I did a quick 15 minute warm up and then settled into a nice and steady 15-16 mph pace for an hour. This is a very simple ride that should have been pretty easy but, again, I really felt like my legs were heavy. They’ve felt that way for that last several rides. I maintained the pace for an hour but I just think it was harder than it should have been. The numbers were:

Total Time (h:m): 1:00
Total Distance: 15.64 miles
Avg Speed: 15.64 mph

It was Wednesday so there were several large “packs” of riders out at White Rock Lake today. I was passed several times by groups with six or more riders and saw a few guys outfitted in matching kits. I didn’t get a close look so I don’t know if they were part of team or not. Maybe they just enjoyed dressing alike so they could bask in their poserness (is that a word?). Lots of Cevelo TT bike sightings the last two rides too. Kinda weird.

I almost witnessed a pretty bad wreck too. It was only avoided by pure luck of the lady who was cut off…by her son. I was done with the hour long endurance ride and was slowly spinning back to my car. A lady was riding a road bike in front of me with her son (maybe 10?) on a mountain bike on her right. For whatever reason her son decided to move from her right all the way to the left side of the road by cutting in front of her. As the situation unfolded in front of me I was really surprised Mom didn’t end up flat on the pavement. As the son cut across her front wheel she slowed and turned to the right to avoid clipping his rear wheel and barely manged to get her right foot un-clipped and on the ground otherwise it would have been ugly. I slowed and asked if she was OK and she said yes and that they were still learning. I’m just glad she didn’t smack the asphalt and that there weren’t any riders coming in the opposite direction because he went all the way to the left side of the road. Hope he learned a lesson.

Day 25 – 1.5 Hour Overall Endurance with 4×8 Intervals

Today was a terrible day on the bike. Five minutes into the ride I knew it wasn’t right. The last several rides my discomfort in the saddle had been steadily getting worse and today I had had enough. I did one loop of White Rock Lake, even tried one interval, and had to call it quits. I couldn’t ride more than a couple of minutes without having to stand up off the saddle or try and adjust my shorts.

Something just isn’t right with either my shorts or saddle. I’m leaning towards the saddle because I’ve worn a different pair of bibs or shorts each of the last three days with the same discomfort.

Not how I wanted to go into the weekend.