Day 19 – Rest Day

Day 20 – Today the century training plan called for a two hour endurance pace ride. I was anxious to ride so I could try out my new bibs.

I was up and at the trail riding away from my car at about 8:30. While putting my bike together I saw many cyclists riding up and down the trail so it looked like it might be a busy day. Upon setting out I noticed an immediate difference with the new bibs. I picked up the Performance Ultra II at the local performance store and was happy so far. We’ll see how it feels 2 hours from now.

Once the warm up was complete I settled into my 15 mph pace and felt really good. I didn’t ride yesterday so my legs felt fresh and I easily maintained the set pace even on the hills. I again stayed in the small chain ring to keep my cadence high and it felt good. I completed three full loops of White Rock Lake plus a little extra to get my 2 hours in.

The ride wasn’t without a problem though. I was sitting at a stop light getting ready to do the last couple of miles to my car and only needed a few seconds to complete the two hour ride. Once the light turned green I got up to speed, checked my computer and pulled it off when it rolled over to 2 hours and tucked it into my jersey pocket. Not ten seconds later my rear wheel didn’t feel right so I take a look and it’s nearly flat.

I pull over into some shade to change it. I get the tube out, find the hole and check the my tire in the same location and find a small cut. I’m guessing it was cut by a piece of glass at the stop light. Bummer. I pulled out a new tube, used the dollar bill I keep in my seat bag as a boot and pumped up my tire. It wasn’t perfect but it would be good enough to get me to my car.

Guess how many people asked if I was OK? Zero. Earlier in my ride I pulled over to take a picture of a house and I hadn’t been stopped 30 seconds when the first person by me, a girl, asked if I needed help. I was really amazed. This time though, when it was very obvious I had had a flat and was repairing it, I was passed by no less than 20-30 riders and not a one said a word. Did I have everything under control? Sure I did because I’m prepared for this kind of stuff when I ride. What if it was a noob instead who didn’t know what to do and everyone of those riders just simply rode by without so much as a simple inquiry as to if they needed anything.

How were the bibs? Pretty good. I did start to feel a little discomfort after the two hours but nothing like my old bibs. I think I just need to get them broken in and they’ll feel pretty good.

Here are the numbers for today:

Total Time (h:m): 2:00
Total Distance: 30.5 miles
Avg Speed: 15.2 mph