Today marks the end of my first week of training for my first century and I’m glad tomorrow is a rest day. I’ve ridden more miles this week than I have in over 15 years (I’ll post my week 1 mileage tomorrow).

Today was a 1.5 hour endurance pace ride and I waited until this evening to do it because tomorrow is a rest day. I arrived at White Rock Lake at about 6 PM but ended up having to fix a flat on my front wheel before I could even start. Very frustrating. The tube was one that I had patched before so I should have expected it. I put in my last new tube which means I need to hit the bike shop tomorrow to pick up a couple. Another good reason it’s a rest day tomorrow.

By the time I got rolling, after having problems with my pump, I wasn’t in the best of moods and in the interest of time shortened my warm up to 15 minutes vice the normal 30. After the warm up I picked it up to 15 mph and did my best to hold it steady. After 30 minutes I didn’t feel too good and thought it could be contributed to either not hydrating enough, the bad start or the shortened warm up.

I eventually settled down and kept the pace up for the next 30 minutes until I stopped to refill my water bottle. It was a short stop but I think I may have drank too much water too fast because for the next 10 minutes or so I felt like throwing up. I never did and I eventually felt better.

One hour into the endurace part of the ride I completed my second loop of White Rock Lake and had planned on just riding another 15 minutes and then turning around to ride back to my car to complete the 1.5 hours at endurance pace. The only problem was that I wouldn’t get a cool down in. After 15 minutes I was actually feeling good and decided to go ahead and continue on around the lake to make it three loops.

The final 15 minutes of the endurance part of the ride saw me picking up the pace. I was probably cruising along at 17 mph or so and I hear that familiar hum of aero wheels approaching from behind. A guy literally blows by me like I’m standing still. I’m not kidding. It was like he had a rocket tied to his back. I’d seen him riding before, on the same bike, but never at that speed. I was totally envious.

With the 1.5 endurance ride complete I took a nice slow pace back to my car to cool down. After the rough start it ended up being a great final ride to my first week of training. Here are the numbers:

Total Ride Time: 1:51:13 (including 15 min warm up and 6 min cool down)
Total Distance: 27.5 miles
Avg MPH: 14.8

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Rock Racing kits and the out of this world prices they want for them. I actually think the designs are pretty cool even though I don’t necessarily care for the team or their prices. I’ve seen one person actually wearing one of their jerseys but today there was a guy wearing a full Rock Racing team kit. My guess is that he paid more for that kit than I paid for my bike 15 years ago.