Ok, today is Monday which brings us to a rest day and Day 15 of my Century Training Plan. Now that I’ve completed two weeks I’m ready to start the 10-week plan as set forth in Bicycling Magazine. If you’ll remember, I started my century training plan two weeks early so I could get used to it before officially starting the 10-week plan. This week I’ll re-start at week 1, day 1, and continue on until my century on September 26.

Overall I think my week of cycling last week was excellent. I had a couple of hard days but for the most part I believe I stayed true to the week 2 plan and rode very well. Looking at my total mileage last week, I was kind of shocked to see I had ridden over 130 miles but at the same time very happy. I didn’t do anything extra to boost my mileage so I think the 130 miles is very close to what you should have if you have a targeted century endurance pace of 15 mph like I do.

On the other hand, if you’re reading this blog and expect to jump straight into week 1 and haven’t ridden for a while I think you may be in for a rude awakening. I had been riding anywhere from 50-75 miles per week for a couple of months before starting my plan which means I had at least a small base fitness. If I had tried to start my plan from cold turkey I’m not sure I could do it. I’ll go back and check the article but I don’t believe it mentions whether or not this plan is for a beginner or not. Honestly, I think a beginner would have a hard (if not impossible) time riding 109 miles in week 1 and 138 in week 2 like I did. I’m not say that because I’m an accomplished cyclist but because I think it may be the truth.

Here are my measurements for this week:

Weight: 267 pounds (down 4 pounds from three weeks ago)
Neck: 17.25 in (no change from last week)
Chest: 45.5 in (down .5 in from last week)
Left Bicep: 15 in (up .5 in from last week)
Right Bicep: 15 in (up .5 in from last week)
Waist: 47 in (down .5 in from last week))
Left Thigh: 28 in (down 1 in from last week)
Right Thigh: 27.5 in (no change from last week)
Left Calf: 18.5 in (down .25 in from last week)
Right Calf: 18 in (down .25 in from last week)

Overall I’m happy with those numbers. I had more drops than ups or no changes but I thought my weight would have been a little lower. I’ll take it though. With the loss of 4 pounds I’m falling right into recommended range of losing 1-2 pounds per week. My weight, chest and waist are the big three in my opinion and they were all down from last week. I can’t not be happy with that.

Here’s the mileage numbers from last week with total since the start of the plan in parenthesis:

Riding Time (h:m): 9:12 (16:56)
Mileage: 138.1 (247.2)
Avg Speed: 14.95 mph

I really find it hard to believe I rode 138 miles last week. If you follow the plan though you’ll have no choice to put up numbers like that and they’ll only increase as you get deeper into the plan. The Saturday ride is where a lot of it comes from (45 miles) but that means I still put in over 90 miles during the week. If I were at home with my family it would probably be very hard to put in that many miles during the week. Could I find time? Sure, but it would be harder. The average speed is close to my target of 15 mph but is skewed a little because it does contain some warm up time that is lower than my endurance pace. To fix that I’ve started resetting my computer after my warm up so I can get an accurate mileage and average speed for my endurance rides. My warm up time/mileage is now just banked time/mileage that I know I did but doesn’t show up anywhere.

With two weeks under my belt I think I’ve gotten off to a good start. My body has responded well to the mileage but my quads do feel a little sore this morning. That’s probably due to the long ride on Saturday followed by the windy ride last night. I still need to work on my diet some to make sure I’m eating at the correct times. Another thing Saturday’s ride told me is that I do need to invest in new bibs (I already knew this). I could tell after 3 hours in the saddle though that I’m going to need some that will provide a little more comfort for the longer rides. As soon as can I’ll be getting some of the Performance Elite IIs that come so highly recommended.

Thanks for all the encouragement and support so far.