A couple of days before Christmas, Road Bike Party 3 was released to much anticipation throughout the Interwebs. Sam Pilgrim has replaced Martyn Ashton as the rider this time around with about 90% of the film shot in San Diego. I’m always amazed at what these guys can do on a road bike. The video featured here is one I hadn’t seen until today as it has shows the guys from Global Cycling Network building the Ridley Noah that Sam rides during the video. An awesome looking bike to go with an awesome video.

The first Road Bike Party video was ridden by Martyn Ashton. Martyn suffered a severe spinal injury during a trials demo on September 1, 2013 that resulted in Martyn losing all feeling below the T9 and T10 vertebrae. Road Bike Party 2 was in development at the time of the accident and was finished with help from Danny McCaskill and Chris Akrigg. That’s Martyn in the wheelchair at the start of the video.

And here’s Road Bike Party 3 for those who haven’t seen it.