Binge eating on the weekends can wreck your weight loss strategy faster than my daughters can tap out a text message. And they’re fast. I love the weekend but no schedules to keep, no meetings, and no commute spell disaster for my healthy eating plan.

For me, the weekdays are so much easier to concentrate my eating plan. Why? Because they’re structured. I get up, ride, have breakfast, around 10 have a mid-morning snack, have lunch, around 2:30 have an afternoon snack, then dinner in the evening. Rinse and repeat Monday through Friday. Simple and easy. I can thank a long military career for liking things structured like that. It drives my wife batty as she’s the polar opposite.

Then along comes Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning is somewhat structured because of the shop group ride but after that my eating plan goes out the window. I’m not sitting at a desk waiting for the time to roll around to have a snack. There are temptations in the house to graze on and everything starts to go down hill. And before I know it it’s Monday morning and I’m wondering where all that weight came from. Time to fix it.

Not being able to connect a good week of eating with a good weekend of eating is hurting my weight loss right now.

I think my root problem is willpower and a false feeling of “I just did a hard group ride this morning so these few chips aren’t going to hurt.”

Have you ever told yourself that?

But then those few chips turn into chips and guacamole, a soda, a sandwich, or a bowl of ice cream and the binge is on. Before you know it you feel like a stuffed sausage and the guilt starts to manifest itself.

This weekend I’m going to make a conscious effort to stick to my weekday routine on both Saturday and Sunday as much as possible. Here’s how:

  • Saturday’s lunch needs to be just like my lunches during the week – typically a salad along with a can of tuna, some cherub tomatos, and maybe some green olives.
  • The Saturday afternoon snack will be 2 oz of turkey along with olives, cucumber, or celery.
  • My ‘cheat’ meal will be Saturday evening but that doesn’t mean I can go hog wild and eat everything in site. It still has to be a sensible meal and I shouldn’t eat until I feel ready to explode.
  • Sunday will try to be structured just like a typical weekday.
  • Drink my required water on both Saturday and Sunday. I’m getting into the habit of doing this at work but need to work on my discipline so I get the H20 over the weekend as well.
  • Don’t graze. If I feel hungry I’ll grab the vegetable first. Doing something to keep me active (cleaning the garage or going to the pool) will keep me busy and less likely to get bored and want to eat.

Well, that’s my plan for this weekend. I’m hoping with me actively thinking about the weekend’s eating now, posting this up, and committing to it will help me eliminate binge eating on the weekends.

Do any of you have problems following your eating plans over the weekend? Did you fix it and want to share a tip? Drop us a comment below.

PhotoC: atache