I’ve got several topics I wanted to cover so I thought it best to do a recap, or summary, instead of a dedicated post today. Here goes.

Yes, I changed the theme…again…

If you’ve been reading BTL any longer than 8 or 9 months then you know I get tired of my theme easily (which means I’m very concerned about appearances). And, if you’re actually reading this on the blog then you’ll see that I’ve changed the theme over the last couple of days. Why did I change? I wanted a cleaner, more professional look. I think I’ve achieved that with this new design. I really like the fact that I can feature both blog posts and reviews at the same time. There’s still some tweaking to do with the logo, background, and colors so please be patient. Otherwise, I hope to remain on this theme for a while. Let me know what you think.

The Tour De France is all but over…

I’ve been watching and have a lot of mixed feelings. I wish Lance wouldn’t have crashed but that’s racing. I feel the officials over-reacted when they tossed Mark Renshaw (but Cav can still win without him as he proved today). I’m disappointed El Pistolero didn’t wait on Schlecks-of-steel on stage 15. I wish Lance could have won one final stage but he had no gas in the end (sounds like me). Glad to see Chris Horner riding great. Sad to see Levi fade after such high hopes. And disgusted to see El Pistolero win another one. Which he’ll do unless he suffers some seriously bad luck over the time trial stage or the ride into Paris. I would have liked to have seen Andy win it because I can really get behind him as a fan. Contador’s just a smuck.

I do have one question. With Lance departing, Levi fading, Christian Van de Velde being accident prone, and Chris Horner getting old; who is the next American hope in the Tour de France? Taylor Phinney?

I got 40 miles in this week…

It isn’t a lot but I had to start somewhere. After getting my crank fixed, I was able to start riding in earnest this week. I can really tell I’ve lost a lot of fitness but I’m hoping the legs will come back quickly since I did manage to get 200 miles in this year before leaving Dallas. Time will tell.

I’ve been riding about 10 miles in the mornings before work. The rides have been great and remind me why I love riding in the morning so much. It really gets the blood moving and preps me for the day. My body has adjusted pretty good but my rear is still wincing. I plan on targeting a fall century so I can get back into a training routine.

Speaking of morning rides, head over to my poll where I ask when you prefer to ride and vote. (thanks)

More in store…

I have more plans for Biking To Live over the next month or so and hope to be able to make some big changes to shake things up. I’ll go into more detail as I actually make headway on the project.

I’ve also got a book on the way (graciously sent by Rodale Publishing) that’s geared towards folks like me who are turning to cycling to lose weight and get fit. As soon as it comes in I’ll let you know and get a review written.

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