This past week was pretty slow and wrought with ups and downs. I only got two days of riding in (mainly due to winds) so my mileage suffered pretty bad. Total mileage for the week was only 22 miles but they were 22 very good miles. I rode very good those two days and was happy with them. My happiness peaked on Saturday when I weighed myself and discovered I had lost some more weight and was finally in the 260s. That didn’t last long though, as I broke my own rule and weighed myself on Sunday. I had gained four pounds. Man, that sucked. To make matters worse, I have felt down all day. I feel like I had ridden a 100 miles in the morning and had bonked about 10 miles into it. I’m dragging big time. After church today I laid down for a short nap and that didn’t help. It’s 8:00 PM right now and I didn’t even feel like making this post but I needed to get it done.

I’ve been Biking to Live for a month now and my progress has been good in some areas and average in others. As far as riding it’s been good. My rides have been getting better with speeds increasing and me being able to push it a little more each time. My ultimate goal of weight loss has been average though. I’ve lost a little weight and that’s good. I have a bad habit of the weight just melting away which isn’t how it works. It needs to come off slowly and that’s how it’s working so far. Like I said in a previous post, though, I’ve seen significant changes in the fit of my clothes. I put on a suit coat this morning that fit better than it has in about a year. Shirts are fitting better as well as pants. I had no expectations that I was going to transform overnight though. I just need to keep my nose to the grindstone and the rubber on the road.

While looking around the net this week I found these great articles:

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Now that I’ve got this summary post done I’m glad I did it. I want to say thanks to those that have been visiting Biking to Live. Thanks for your encouragement.

Be safe.