It’s hard to believe that 3 weeks have come and gone since I started Biking To Live. It’s just flown by.

The rides this week went pretty good with me feeling great for Rides 9 and 10 and Ride 11 and 12 being hampered by winds. The total ride time for the week topped out at 3:23:21 and mileage ended up as 45.72 miles. I’m not too happy with the 45 miles but the wind on Saturday made me cut the ride short. The wind today was even worse with gusts up to 30 mph. I’ll get up in the morning but if the wind is still blowing like this I won’t be riding in the morning.

One other thing that disappointed me this week was my weight. It stayed constant from last week at 273 even after tracking my caloric intake (which is much less), watching what I eat (which is much better), and riding better (for the most part) this week. Now, even though I didn’t lose weight I have noticed a significant change in the fit of my clothes. I know that sounds weird but I can only call it the way I see it. Because of my increased mileage (and perhaps increased fitness) I may have added a little muscle this week which would explain the steady weight. We’ll see how the weight goes next week. It’s important for me, personally, to not let my weight bother me. I’m a historic scale watcher and get discouraged easily when the weight doesn’t come off. I made a commitment early on to only weigh myself once a week to try and keep from watching the scale, getting discouraged by fluctuations in my weight, and giving up. I’m not giving up this time.

I had a six-month checkup with my doctor this week to have my blood pressure checked and it went excellent.

Here are some other blog articles I came across this week that you may find useful:

I’m a huge fan of the big stage rides over in Europe and for those that don’t know it the Giro de Italia started yesterday with Slipstream-Chipotle winning the Team Time Trial. Christian Vande Velde was the first to cross the line on the team so that places an American in the pink jersey for the first time since Andy Hampsten won the Giro back in 1988. I leave you this week with this parting shot of Slipstream-Chipotle in the road during the time trial.

Tour de Georgia - TTT
photo credit: TimothyJ