And so ends week 2 of Biking to Live. It was a great week. I got four rides in and two of them were with somebody else. I rode distances I haven’t ridden in over 15 years and rode new trails. It was a really good week. Here’s a recap of the rides this week.

  1. Ride 5 – Week 2 of Biking To Live Begins
  2. Ride 6 – Note to Self
  3. Ride 7 – A Ride for Two
  4. Ride 8 – Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail

The total mileage for this week is 61.38 miles which is an increase of 13.01 miles over last week. Almost half of those miles came from Ride 8 on Saturday. I’m very happy with those numbers at this stage of my riding.

Other great blogging articles I’ve seen this week:

Next weeks goals:

  1. Increase my weekday morning ride up to 11 miles per ride.
  2. Start tracking my food intake.  I plan on using a free online tracker at Fit Day.

That concludes this week.  Like I said, it was a great week and I feel like I’m making progress.