With Sunday, Apr 27, upon us the first week of Biking To Live is in the history books. Overall it’s been a great week. I did four rides this week:

  1. Ride 1 – Day 1 of Biking To Live
  2. Ride 2 – Christmas in April
  3. Ride 3 – Crazy Drivers
  4. Ride 4 – Saturday biking starts the weekend off right

Here’s the numbers breakdown for each of these rides:

  1. Ride 1: 10.83 miles, 53 minutes, 12.26 mph average speed
  2. Ride 2: 10.2 miles, 48 minutes, 12.75 mph average speed
  3. Ride 3: 9.86 miles ,47 minutes, 12.4 mph average speed
  4. Ride 4: 17.48 miles, 1 hr 19 minutes, 13.2 mph average speed
  5. Total For Week: 48.37 miles, 3.78 hrs, 12.65 mph average speed

For my first week back into an exercise program and cycling in a very, very long time I’m more than happy with those numbers. I didn’t push myself overly hard to achieve them and they give me targets to shoot for next week. The rides themselves were very good and they’ve left me feeling better about myself than I did last week. It’s amazing what a little exercise will do for you.

I suffered my first injury, Trouble Down Below, but a switch to another pair of shorts seems to have alleviated the problem.

I discovered some great folks over at Bike Forums. You should check them out if you are new or coming back to cycling after a long layoff. Lots of great information.  Another website that’s helped me this week is Bike Noob.  It caters to the biking newbie and has some great articles by Ray.

Week 2 Goals

With week 1 in the books I want to try and improve every week. Therefore, I’ll be implementing weekly goals for myself. Looking at week 1’s total stats ( 48.37 miles, 3.78 hrs, 12.65 mph average speed), I believe I want to push my weekly mileage to at least 50 miles total for the week, a total time to at least 4 hrs, and a Saturday ride of at least 20 miles. If I hit 50 miles and 4 hrs exactly that’ll be about a 1% increase over my week 1 numbers. I think that’s doable.