Well, it was a year ago today that I made my first post here at Biking To Live. It’s been a long year with me learning a lot, making new friends, and lots of changes.

I had thought about making a detailed post about some of my blogs statistics (they suck…lol!) or summarizing about what happened over the last year but I decided against it. I kind of felt like that was living in the past. Instead, I wanted to talk briefly about the upcoming second year of Biking To Live.

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I don’t want to formally announce goals for the upcoming year but there are some things I’d like to do. They are:

    1. Increase my readership. I get OK traffic to the site but really want to raise it to a new level. Over the last year I’ve found that the cycling community is pretty fickle when it comes to visiting sites. They get into a comfort zone and don’t venture out to new blogs much. I need to strive to make Biking To Live a blog other cyclists are interested in. I’m not the great writer like Fatty over at Fat Cyclist or the hugely popular Bike Snob NYC but maybe I can develop a style here that will create a following. Finding my style is something I’ve struggled with.

    2. Help others. I want to help other overweight or new cyclists who have turned to cycling to try and make their life better. One of the ways I can do that is by detailing my experiences. Hopefully I can offer a little inspiration or provide a forum for them to ask questions or talk about their experiences.

    3. Ride a century. I talked about this a couple of weeks ago. While it’s not really a goal for the site it is a goal of mine that I’ll be documenting here. I’ll talk about my training and preparation as I prepare to ride the first century of my life. I’ve tentatively got a ride picked out for September that will allow me plenty of time to get prepared.

    4. Lose weight. Enough said.

To all the visitors I’ve had over the last year thanks for stopping by. For all of you who regularly leave comments and offer your experience and encouragement I sincerely appreciate it.