No, it’s not my wife. I noticed it yesterday and today’s ride didn’t help. I think it’s my saddle. I had taken the saddle off that came with the Schwinn and put my old Cannondale Vetta saddle on and have been riding with it. I think it’s too narrow for my wide load. In an effort to find out if that’s the case, I visited the local Trek shop to have my sit bones measured.

I went to the Trek shop for two reasons. First, I had never been in there and wanted to check it out, and two, it was right around the corner from where my youngest does ballet so before picking her up I thought I would check out the store. The store was nice and the bikes (Trek, Cervelo, Lemond) they had were nice. Upon arriving I asked where the road saddles were. I was escorted to the ‘road’ section of the store and shown a display of exactly 3 styles of saddles. All by the same manufacturer. I was like, “this is it?” Come on. After looking at the display I went back to the guy and told him I needed help getting fit for the right width saddle. Something measured in inches, not millimeters. I didn’t say that but that’s how I felt after thinking how much bigger I am now than when I bought my Cannondale 15 years ago. The guy said he was new and couldn’t do it. He’d have to get the manager. I say ok and wait. The manager comes out and looks like he just came back from a ride or was getting ready to go. Not necessarily bad, it is a bike shop, but it did surprise me a little. After explaining my problem he took me over to the device they use to measure your sit bones. After two unsuccessful attempts to measure me, and reading the directions several times, he came to the conclusion that the tool for doing the measuring was broken. And that was it.

Well, now what do I do? Upon arriving at home I put the Schwinn saddle back on and make a quick loop of the neighborhood. It feels good. It’s wider and softer than the Vetta. I think I’ll give it a try on Wednesday and see how it goes. I think I’m going to have to wait until I lose a significant amount of weight before I can go back to a normal road saddle.

I’ll also take my good friend Jaxgtr’s advice and get measured at Open Road Bicycles.