By now I’m sure you’ve had a chance to think about the title of the blog.  Biking To Live.  It means what it says.  Biking To Live.  I’ve undertaken a personal challenge to ride my bike in order to live again.  Why?  Because I need to.  Here’s why.

If you read my About Me page you’ll think that I’m your average guy with a job and family.  We have a good life and have been very fortunate.  What you can’t tell from my profile is that I have 100 things wrong with me.  Most people have traits others may not like but they are generally hidden and can only be experienced when you spend a great deal of time with them.  Call them idiosyncrasies.  I, on the other hand, wear my problem in public for everyone to see.  Many people have the same problem I do.  Too many.  What’s my problem?  I’m overweight to the tune of 100 pounds.

I was always on the “hefty” side growing up and this was kept in check in high school through football.  Since those glory days I’ve gradually built myself up over the last 18 years to my current weight of 280 pounds.  The optimum weight for my height is 180 pounds.  I’ve tried to convince myself for years that it’s just genetics and I’m a stocky guy destined to always be big.  I convinced myself that I had lots of muscle underneath the blubber that was causing me to weigh so much.  It’s true that I did lift a lot of weights when I was younger but I haven’t done so in years.  All I was doing was fooling myself.

It’s time to stop fooling and start doing.

 Biking To Live is the intersection of several areas of my life:

  1. First, I need to lose the weight.  Being this overweight is unhealthy.  With my family history it’s even worse.  I won’t bore you with the particulars but let’s just say that I was on a one-way trip to a pine box at an early age.
  2. Second, I enjoy the Internet as a hobby.  I’ve always been intrigued by blogs and the behind-the-scenes work to run them and thought my mission to lose these 100 pounds through biking would be a good topic to explore that hobby even further.  The blog also serves as my personal diary and accountability tool.
  3. Third, I’ve always enjoyed biking.  I’ll expand on this further in an upcoming post but using my bike to help me lose these 100 pounds seemed like a no-brainer.

Has Biking To Live become clearer now?  I’m taking to my bicycle again to help me lose these extra 100 pounds I’ve accumulated in order to live again.  Am I living now?  Sure, but it’s the wrong kind of living.  Getting rid of these extra pounds is going to enable me to start living in a whole different way.  The benefits are almost countless.

Do you have a story, comment, or word of encouragement you would like to share?  If so, please leave a comment below.