Well, it’s a Monday. The alarm was blaring at 5:00 AM and I didn’t want to get up. I laid there for about five minutes and force myself to crawl out of bed. Half-asleep I managed to get ready and roll out the garage for my morning bicycle ride.

I could tell right away that it was going to be a long ride because of the way my legs felt. I was right too. For some reason my legs felt really tight. Especially in the hamstrings. I hoped it would work its way out but it never did.

The weather was another big factor in the ride too. It seemed to be out of the Northeast and the one or two flags I saw said it was pretty stiff. Because of the route I take in the mornings I felt it most of the ride except two legs near the end of the ride. I’m glad I didn’t have to face it in the homestretch or it would have been ugly when combined with how my legs felt.

I did get my 13 miles in but in only 56 minutes. Not as slow as I thought it would be but about 5 minutes slower than normal.

One bright spot of the ride was a family of raccoons I saw just past half-way. I’m riding through an area that is a little populated but there are some areas of trees where they haven’t been cleared for either apartments or homes. I’ve ridden through this area a lot and not seen any creatures of the night until this morning. I’m making a long sweeping left hand turn and I see a momma raccoon leading two kids across the street. The kids have got their noses down following moms lead straight across. They pass about 20 feet in front of me and head for the bushes/woods on my right. As they get on the curb I saw, “Good morning.” All three turn around, give me a look, and then head into the bushes. Very cool. I say very cool. They were probably just returning from a nightly raid of wreaking havoc on the trashcans at the apartment complex across the street. Ha, Ha!

Bike to Live.