I’ve gone to several shops now just looking at what they have while paying specific attention to price-points and what you get at those points. Like I said, I’ve been concentrating on getting something with at least 105 components all the way around and that’s relatively easy to do at an affordable price (approx $1200 with the Specialized Allez). On my trip yesterday I was looking to see how much it would cost me to up the ante on the group to Ultegra.

The price jump from 105 to Ultegra is pretty significant on the mainstream brands of Trek and Specialized at anywhere from $600 to $1500+. Besides the jump to Ultegra the frame type (Aluminum to Carbon), wheel set, and crank material (aluminum to carbon) are also driving up the price. It was hard to find an Ultegra equipped bike below $2200. That’s too steep for me. I did see a few bikes in the used section that came with Ultegra, were in my old frame size, and were nice bikes. A couple were actually decently priced and will be something I keep my eye on as this unfolds. I will get re-sized when I do this though because, 1) it needs to be done, 2) I always felt my old bike was a little big at 52 cm, and 3) the stand over height on my old bike was too high.

In my last post about my trip to the bike shop, I bashed Bianchi pretty hard because of the colors and name of their bike. Yesterday I was very surprised to find a Bianchi I liked, was equipped with Ultegra components, and didn’t come in celeste green. It was the Via Nirone 7 Alu/Carbon and I believe was the 2008 version. The frame is hydro-formed aluminum with carbon seat stays and fork. The ones I saw in the store were either red or blue and looked really good. I may have to give it a test ride when I get to that stage.