1. Resting heart rate. I’m familiar with resting heart rate and how it’s related to your fitness (the lower it is generally the more fit you are; some say a better gage is heart rate recovery). Today I decided to check mine and it was 56 bpm. That is a huge improvement for me since the last time I can remember having my heart rate taken I was well above 70 bpm. This is great news for me since there are studies out there that a resting heart rate above 70 bpm is a significant risk factor in heart disease. Do you track your resting heart rate?
  2. Women cyclists. As most of you who read my blog know, I do most of my riding down at White Rock Lake here in Dallas. It’s just convenient for me. There are always lots of cyclists out there with many of them being women. There are plenty of guys riding bikes that have aerobars, profile bars or just full out time trail or tri machines. What I’ve noticed though is that about 80% of the women I see are riding some kind of aerobar or tri setup. And every one of them pass me like I’m standing still. Is there a reason so many women ride this setup?
  3. Energy levels. Even after having a very tough ride yesterday I found that my energy levels for the rest of the day were very good. Normally, after a ride like that, I would want to take a nice afternoon nap. Yesterday I didn’t even think about it. I’m hoping that means my riding is paying off.
  4. Spread Eagle VS Tucked. Since I spend a lot of time getting passed and seeing other cyclists pulling away from me I have noticed two main categories as far as knee/leg position when pedaling. First is those that ride in a position of what I call spread eagle. That’s to say that their knees move on a plane wider than feet. Then there’s the group where the knees travel on the same plane as the knees or maybe tucked in a little more. I’m a member of the later group. A long time ago I seem to remember reading that the knees should move on the same plane as the feet, or maybe even tucked in a little bit, so that’s what I’ve always done. The spread eagle position looks very unnatural to me and like it puts added stress on the knees. Have any of you noticed the same thing and which is right?