Last night I had group ride training again and I did something new. One-leg drills. These were pretty tough and I could really feel it in my legs. Here’s how it went down.

After my five lap warm up on the 0.8 mile loop the group leader has us do a single lap riding with both feet clipped in. About halfway through that lap there’s a parking lot where he had us pull off and do five figure eights for cornering drills. Then we finish that first lap with both feet clipped in. For the second lap we unclip one foot and ride one-legged for a full lap. The third lap we repeat the first lap. On the fourth lap we ride one-legged for the other foot unclipped and for lap five we repeat the first lap again.

I’ve never done anything like that and it was pretty though on my quads and hams. After those five laps we had a discussion about our spins during the one-leg portions and what we experienced. A few of us (me included) were experiencing surging and slack at the top of the upstroke. He attributed that to us not properly using our leg on the upstroke and told us to be more conscious of using the entire pedal revolution. Makes sense to me.

Next he had us do 3 laps individually – the first slow, the second hard and the third recovery – while maintaining as good a line as possible. The loop we ride has two very good seams in the concrete that lets us basically ride the line to help us. I seem to be able to do this very well because in our paceline sessions I always get complimented on how well I can ride a steady line. Maybe they’re just being nice…lol!

For the last five laps he had us get in groups of five and start a paceline with each rider taking a one lap pull and then falling to the back of the line. Our group worked pretty well together although I admittedly need more work on cornering in a paceline.

Overall I thought it was great training and got in 15 miles in the process. My legs were feeling it this morning due to those one-leg drills.