The Tour de Cure fundraising contest has come and gone and a winner has been selected.

After running for a week, the contest to help me raise money for the American Diabetes Association was completed last Friday. I put on my ninja costume and performed some freaky spreadsheet moves to help me select a winner using Actually, choosing a winner wasn’t that hard since only two of my readers entered. That made the odds of winning pretty good.

The winner was Bob Simonette. In addition to the $75 gift certificate to, Bob also got a 10% coupon code for donating at least $10 on my Tour de Cure fundraising page. Congrats Bob!

I emailed Bob to let him know he won and this was the response I got back:

Woot! Very cool, looking forward to doing some shopping. Thanks and best of luck with your training. I did my first century ride in January to celebrate my 62nd birthday. It was cold and rainy but I made it along with two other riders, one of whom was doing his first, the other was doing his 3rd of the year towards his goal of 36.

I thought it was totally awesome that Bob completed his first century this year at the age of 62. It kinda of puts my training efforts into perspective. Did you catch that part about the other guy doing his 3rd century of the year already towards a goal of 36? That’s a century every week and a half. Crazy!

A big thanks to the two guys that entered, those of you who promoted the contest, and to Shane at Classic Cycling for sponsoring the prize.